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5th International Symposium on Tonal Aspects of Languages

Buffalo, New York
24-27 May 2016

Chairs: C. DiCanio, J. Malins, J. Good, K. Michelson, J. Jaeger, and H. Keily
doi: 10.21437/TAL.2016

Oral Sessions

Priming the Representation of Taiwanese Tone Sandhi Words
Yu-Fu Chien, Joan Sereno, Jie Zhang

The effects of talker variability and variances on incidental learning of lexical tones
Jiang Liu, Jie Zhang

Cross-language Lexical-tone Identification
Jennifer Alexander, Yue Wang

Surface vs. Underlying Listening Strategies for Cross-Language Listeners in the Perception of Sandhied Tones in the Nanjing Dialect
Xin Li, René Kager, Wentao Gu

Embedded clauses and recursive prosodic phrasing in Akan
Frank Kügler

Cyclic spell-out and the interaction of Seenku tonal processes
Laura McPherson

Tone-melody correspondence in Vietnamese popular song
James Kirby, D. Robert Ladd

Inconsistent Consonantal Effects on F- in Cantonese and Mandarin
Qian Luo, Karthik Durvasula, Yen-Hwei Lin

An Interplay Between F0 and Phonation in Du'an Zhuang Tone
Jeremy Perkins, Seunghun Lee, Julián Villegas

Intonational phrase marking in Southern Vietnamese
Marc Brunelle

Jaw displacement and phrasal stress in Mandarin Chinese
Donna Erickson, Ray Iwata, Atsuo Suemitsu

Metrical Structure and Tone Sandhi: Evidence from Ei Tonal Reduction
Xiaomei Wang, Yen-Hwei Lin

Effect of speech rate on pre-low raising in Cantonese
Albert Lee, Yi Xu

Perception of Tonal Contours in Medʉmba
Kathryn Franich

Production and Perception of a Tonal Neutralization Case in Taiwan Souther Min
Mao-Hsu Chen

Tone Pair Similarity and the Perception of Mandarin Tones by Mandarin and English Listeners
Wenyi Ling, Amy Schafer

Boundary effects on allophonic creaky voice: A case study of Mandarin lexical tones
Hong Zhang

Poster Sessions

The Timing of Acoustic vs. Perceptual Availability of Segmental and Suprasegmental Information
Katrina Connell, Annie Tremblay, Jie Zhang

Prosodic focus marking in Dali Mandarin
Zenghui Liu, Hans Van de Velde, Aoju Chen

Perception of Syntagmatic Tone Intervals in Ìgbò and Yorùbá
Aaron Carter-Ényi, Quintina Carter-Ényi

Tonal Alignment and Prosodic Word domain in Boro
Kalyan Das, Shakuntala Mahanta

Complete and incomplete neutralisation in Fuzhou tone sandhi
Yang Li

Interaction between breathy tones and aspirated consonants in S'gaw Karen
Xiaole Sun

Consonant-Tone-Phonation Interactions in Guienagati Zapotec
Joshua Benn

Pitch perception and surprise in Mandarin Chinese: Evidence for parallel encoding via additive division of pitch range
Xiaoluan Liu, Yi Xu

How Pitch Moves: Production of Cantonese Tones by Speakers with Different Tonal Experiences
Mengyue Wu, Brett Baker, Janet Fletcher, Rikke Bundgaard-Nielsen

Impaired Vowel Discrimination in Mandarin-speaking Congenital Amusics
Xunan Huang, Caicai Zhang, Feng Shi, Nan Yan, Lan Wang

Perception of Lexical Tones in Sylheti
Amalesh Gope, Shakuntala Mahanta

Revisiting the Register Contrast in Shanghai Chinese
Jia Tian, Jianjing Kuang

Phonetic cues to contrastive focus in Standard Colloquial Assamese
Asim Twaha, Shakuntala Mahanta

Prosodic grouping in Chinese trisyllabic structures by multiple cues—tone coarticulation, tone sandhi and consonant lenition
Wei Lai, Jianjing Kuang

Methods of analysis for tonal text-setting. The case study of Fe'Fe' Bamileke
Teresa Proto

The Role of the Final Tone in Singaling Statements and Questions in Mandarin
Una Chow, Stephen Winters

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