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2nd International Symposium on Tonal Aspects of Languages

La Rochelle, France
27-29 April 2006

Regular Papers

Relation between tone and vowel quality in Twi
Kofi Adu Manyah

Tone patterns in Chinese EFL learners' read speech
Hua Chen

The research for the effect of speaking rate to segmental reduction
Xiaoxia Chen

The F0 patterns of tones in Hakka Chinese
Yuk-Man Cheung

Tonal patterns of Gizey
Amedeo De Dominicis

Phonological representation of tone systems of some tone languages based on the command-response model for F0 contour generation
Hiroya Fujisaki, Wentao Gu

Nubi is not a tone language
Carlos Gussenhoven

A comparative study between intonation question and particle question in Cantonese on their realization of F0 contours
Wentao Gu, Keikichi Hirose, Hiroya Fujisaki

Modeling the tones in Suzhou and Wujiang dialects on the basis of the command-response model for the process of F0 contour generation
Wentao Gu, Keikichi Hirose, Hiroya Fujisaki

An optimality-theoretic analysis of the tone-melody mapping in Cantonese popular songs
Vincie W. S. Ho

Narrow focus patterns of disyllabic words with different morphosyntactic structures in standard Chinese
Yuan Jia, Ziyu Xiong, Aijun Li

Interaction of lexical tone and information structure in Yucatec Maya
Frank Kügler, Stavros Skopeteas

A phonetic study on the acquisition of Cantonese tone
Ka Yan Margaret Lei

Perception of intonation in Cantonese
Joan K.-Y. Ma, Valter Ciocca, Tara L. Whitehill

Syllabic tone perception in Vietnamese
Hansjörg Mixdorff, Mai Chi Lirong, Dung Tien Nguyen, Denis Burnham

The pause duration prediction for Mandarin text to speech system
Jianhua Tao, Jian Yu

An exploration of intrinsic F0 in Hainan Cham tones
Ela Thurgood

Linear F0 contour model for vietnamese tones and vietnamese syllable synthesis with TD-PSOLA
Do Dat Tran, Eric Castelli, Xuan Hung Le, Jean-FrançOis Serignat, Van Loan Trinh

Prosodic fillers and discourse markers–discourse prosody and text prediction
Chiu-yu Tseng, Zhao-yu Su, Chun-Hsiang Chang, Chia-hung Tai

Quantity and tone in Finnish lexically stressed syllables
Martti Vainio, Daniel Aalto, Juhani Järvikivi, Antti Suni

Temporal distribution of tonal information in continuous Cantonese speech
Ying Wai Wong

Pitch variations in the running speech of standard Chinese
Ziyu Xiong

Lexical variation and rime-tone correlation in early tonal acquisition: a longitudinal study of Mandarin Chinese
Jie Yang, Thomas Hun-tak Lee

Voice quality variation with tone and focus in Mandarin
Xiaoju Zheng

Coarticulation and prosodic hierarchy
Yuling Zheng, Jianfen Cao, Huaiqiao Bao

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