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First International Symposium on Tonal Aspects of Languages

Beijing, China
28-31 March 2004

Poster Session

Tonal aspects in spoken Chinese: global and local perspectives
Jianfen Cao

Mandarin Chinese tonal issues from the perspective of speech synthesis
Fangxin Chen, Jianfen Cao

Perception on synthesized friendly standard Chinese speech
Aijun Li, Fangxin Chen, Haibo Wang, Tianqing Wang

Tone and prominence in standard Chinese
Hu Chen

Tianjinese lexical tone, tone sandhi, and prosody: amplitude-F0 dependency under prominence in Mandarin
Deborah S. Davison

Context directed speech recognition in dialogue systems
Pengju Yan, Fang Zheng

Occurrence frequency and transition probability of the Chinese four tones
Shizuo Hiki, Kazuko Sunaoka, Liming Yang, Yasuyo Tokuhiro

Tonal effect on vowel articulation in a tone language
Fang Hu

The effect of intonation on the citation tones in Cantonese
Wai-Sum Lee

The effects of intonation patterns on lexical tone production in Cantonese
Joan K.-Y. Ma, Valter Ciocca, Tara L. Whitehill

Visual cues in Thai tone recognition
Hansjörg Mixdorff, Patavee Charnvivit

Skeletonising Chinese fundamental frequency contours with a functional model and its evaluation
Jinfu Ni, Hisashi Kawai

Prosodic word boundaries prediction for Mandarin text-to-speech
Yan-Qiu Shao, Ji-Qing Han, Ting Liu, Yong-Zhen Zhao

Auditory preattentive processing of speech prosody in lexical tone: a functional imaging with low resolution brain electromagnetic topography (LORETA)
Wichian Sittiprapaporn, Chittin Chindaduangratn, Naiphinich Kotchabhakdi

Perceptual analysis of duration evaluation in Mandarin
Sun Lu, Hu Yu, Wang Ren-Hua

An analysis of pitch in Chinese spontaneous speech
Maolin Wang, Maocan Lin

Experimental research on the modal function of two adverbs dao and que
Gongping Wang, Xiaochuan Peng

Tone pattern and word stress in Mandarin
Yunjia Wang

The control of tones on pitch movement in Mandarin
Ziyu Xiong

Large vocabulary Mandarin Chinese continuous speech recognition system based on tonal triphone
Long Yan, Rencai Zhao, Gang Liu, Jun Guo

Tones and intonation in declarative and interrogative sentences in Mandarin
Xiao-Li Zeng, Philippe Martin, Georges Boulakia

Robust acoustic modeling of contextual tonal F0 variations on the basis of tone nucleus framework
Jin-Song Zhang, Keikichi Hirose, Satoshi Nakamura

Contrastive study on prosodic aspects for standard and regional accented Chinese
Juanwen Chen, Aijun Li, Xia Wang

A contrastive investigation of diphthongs between standard Mandarin and shanghai accented Mandarin
Jue Yu, Aijun Li, Xia Wang

An investigation of voicing consonants in continuous speech
Xiaoxia Chen

Study on stress models of Chinese disyllable
Dan Deng, Ming Chen, Shinan Lu

Prosodic properties of intonation in two major varieties of Mandarin Chinese: mainland China vs. Taiwan
Chin-Chin Tseng

The creaky voice phonation and the organisation of Chinese discourse
Agnès Belotel-Grenié, Michel Grenié

Tonal neutralization in Chinese: a cross-dialectal perspective
Lei Liang

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Special Invited Talks

Typology and Phonology in Tone Languages

Perception of Tones and Intonation

Production of Tone and Intonation

Modelling of Tone and Intonation

Interface of Tone and Intonation

Prosodic Processing

Phonetic Aspects

Poster Session