ISCA Archive SUS 1995
ISCA Archive SUS 1995

Discussion on "analysis techniques"

Herman Künzel

The excellent papers submitted to the "analysis techniques" section of this workshop suggest a wide range of topics for our discussion. Some of the points which, in view of the future research, would seem of special interest to me are: comparability of results gained in laboratory and real-world situations artifacts of laboratory and simulated-stress experiments comparability of investigations using different types of stressors use of state-of-the-art (computer-based) polygraphy as an instrument for the assessment of the somatic response to various aspects and types of stress a tentative inventory of phonetic, acoustic, and linguistic parameters for stress investiga- tions.

With regard to the last issue, I should like to raise the question whether we have reached a stage at which it may be possible to set up some kind of standardized set of parameters for empirical investigations into stress. This would greatly enhance the comparability of future studies.

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