ISCA Archive SUS 1995
ISCA Archive SUS 1995

Recognition strategies for Lombard speech

T. H. Applebaum, B. A. Hanson, P. Morin

Environmental noise is a stress which induces the Lombard style of speech. The effects of this change in speech style is observed on three automatic speech recognition systems. A low complexity word recognizer using reliably found regions of high phoneme similarity was found to perform as well, under normal and Lombard speech styles, as an HMM-based recog- nizer using cepstral coefficients and their derivatives.

Cite as: Applebaum, T.H., Hanson, B.A., Morin, P. (1995) Recognition strategies for Lombard speech. Proc. ESCA/NATO Workshop on Speech under Stress, 33-36

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