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5th ISCA Workshop on Speech Synthesis

Pittsburgh, PA, USA
14-16 June 2004

Oral Sessions

Assessing the acceptability of the Smartkom speech synthesis voices
Antje Schweitzer, Norbert Braunschweiler, Grzegorz Dogil, Bernd Möbius

Subjective evaluation of join cost & smoothing methods
Jithendra Vepa, Simon King

Optionality in evaluating prosody prediction
Erwin Marsi

Accurate spectral envelope estimation for articulation-to-speech synthesis
Yoshinori Shiga, Simon King

Formant re-synthesis of dysarthric speech
Alexander Kain, Xiaochuan Niu, John-Paul Hosom, Qi Miao, Jan P. H. van Santen

Mapping from articulatory movements to vocal tract spectrum with Gaussian mixture model for articulatory speech synthesis
Tomoki Toda, Alan W. Black, Keiichi Tokuda

Using 5 ms segments in concatenative speech synthesis
Toshio Hirai, Seiichi Tenpaku

Unit selection using pitch synchronous cross correlation for Japanese concatenative speech synthesis
Nobuo Nukaga, Ryota Kamoshida, Kenji Nagamatsu

Data-driven perceptually based join costs
Ann K. Syrdal, Alistair D. Conkie

Merging data driven and rule based prosodic models for unit selection TTS
Matthew Aylett

Estimating phrase curves in the general superpositional intonation model
Jan P. H. van Santen, Taniya Mishra, Esther Klabbers

Intonation modeling for TTS using a joint extraction and prediction approach
Pablo Daniel Agüero, Antonio Bonafonte

Clustering of foot-based pitch contours in expressive speech
Esther Klabbers, Jan P. H. van Santen

A corpus-based approach to expressive speech synthesis
E. Eide, A. Aaron, R. Bakis, W. Hamza, Michael Picheny, J. Pitrelli

Audiovisual text-to-cued speech synthesis
Guillaume Gibert, Gérard Bailly, Frédéric Elisei

Poster Sessions

Synthesising contextually appropriate intonation in limited domains
Rachel Baker, Robert A. J. Clark, Michael White

Frisian TTS, an example of bootstrapping TTS for minority languages
Jelske Dijkstra, Louis C. W. Pols, Rob J. J. H. van Son

Unit selection voice for Amharic using Festvox
Sebsibe H. Mariam, S. P. Kishore, Alan W. Black, Rohit Kumar, Rajeev Sangal

Tools for the development of a Hindi speech synthesis system
Kalika Bali, Partha Pratim Talukdar, N. Sridhar Krishna, A.G. Ramakrishnan

A concatenative speech synthesis method using context dependent phoneme sequences with variable length as search units
Hiroyuki Segi, Tohru Takagi, Takayuki Ito

Improving pronunciation dictionary coverage of names by modelling spelling variation
Justin Fackrell, Wojciech Skut

Improving TTS by higher agreement between predicted versus observed pronunciations
Yeon-Jun Kim, Ann Syrdal, Matthias Jilka

A novel discontinuity metric for unit selection text-to-speech synthesis
Jerome R. Bellegarda

Towards phone segmentation for concatenative speech synthesis
Jordi Adell, Antonio Bonafonte

Voice creation for conversational fairy-tale characters
Joakim Gustafson, Kåre Sjölander

F0 modeling with multi-layer additive modeling based on a statistical learning technique
Shinsuke Sakai

Impact of durational outlier removal from unit selection catalogs
John Kominek, Alan W. Black

Corpus-based synthesis of fundamental frequency contours with various speaking styles from text using F0 contour generation process model
Keikichi Hirose, Kentaro Sato, Nobuaki Minematsu

Multi-source based acoustic model for speech synthesis
Jianhua Tao, Yongguo Kang

Festival 2 - build your own general purpose unit selection speech synthesiser
Robert A. J. Clark, Korin Richmond, Simon King

XIMERA: a new TTS from ATR based on corpus-based technologies
Hisashi Kawai, Tomoki Toda, Jinfu Ni, Minoru Minoru, Tsuzaki Tsuzaki, Keiichi Tokuda

Prosodic data driven modelling of a narrative style in Festival TTS
Fabio Tesser, Piero Cosi, Carlo Drioli, Graziano Tisato

An introduction of trajectory model into HMM-based speech synthesis
Heiga Zen, Keiichi Tokuda, Tadashi Kitamura

Duration modeling of Indian languages Hindi and Telugu
N. Sridhar Krishna, Hema A. Murthy

Prominence prediction for supersentential prosodic modeling based on a new database
Jason Y. Zhang, Arthur R. Toth, Kevyn Collins-Thompson, Alan W. Black

Aligning letters and phonemes for speech synthesis
Robert I. Damper, Yannick Marchand, John-David Marseters, Alex Bazin

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