ISCA Archive SSW 1990
ISCA Archive SSW 1990

A database for diphone units extraction

P. Pierucci, G. Ferri, M. Giustiniani

In this paper we present a speech database for speech synthesis applications. The speech database is tailored for text-to-speech synthesis acoustic units definition, and results in the generation of a database of diphone-like acustic segments. The system architecture integrates the resulting acoustic units database in an LPC diphonic speech synthesizer allowing fast and reliable diphonic units definition and refinement, as well as a general scheme for speech synthesis performance assessment.

Cite as: Pierucci, P., Ferri, G., Giustiniani, M. (1990) A database for diphone units extraction. Proc. First ESCA Workshop on Speech Synthesis (SSW 1), 43-46

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