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First ETRW on Speech Production Modeling

Autrans, France
20-24 May 1996

Speech Motor Control

Kinematic and acoustic correlates of quantity in Swedish and wolof: a cross-language study
Rudolph Sock, Anders Löfqvist, Pascal Perrier

At least two macrorhythmic units are necessary for modeling brazilian portuguese duration
Plinio Almeida Barbosa

The bifurcation model of the speech rhythm and stuttering
O. P. Skljarov

The influence of prosodic position on velic and lingual articulation in French: evidence from EPG and airflow data
Cécile Fougeron, Patricia A. Keating

Tongue-jaw coordination in German vowel production
Philip Hoole, Barbara Kühnert

Silent speech production: anticipatory behaviour for 2 out of the 3 main vowel gestures/features while pausing
Christian Abry, Marie-Agnès Cathiard, R. El Abed, M. T. Lallouache, M.-C. Leroy, Pascal Perrier, F. Poveda, C. Savariaux

Control of speech command generation for Japanese words estimation from reaction time measurement
Shinobu Masaki, Kiyoshi Honda

Characteristics of speech movements
Vincent L. Gracco, Anders Löfqvist, James O. Ramsay, Kevin G. Munhall, David J. Ostry

Is coarticulation in speech kinematics centrally planned?
David J. Ostry, Paul L. Gribble, Vincent L. Gracco

How could undershot vowel targets be recovered? a dynamical approach based on the equilibrium point hypothesis for the control of speech movements
Hélène Loevenbruck, Pascal Perrier

Articulatory and acoustic simulations of VV transitions with a 2d biomechanical tongue model controlled by the equilibrium point hypothesis
Yohan Payan, Pascal Perrier

CASY and extensions to the task-dynamic model
P. Rubin, E. Saltzman, L. Goldstein, R. McGowan, M. Tiede, C. Browman

The concept of internal model in speech production and speech perception
Victor N. Sorokin

Speech motor control: phonemic goals and the use of feedback
Joe Perkell, M. Matthies, Reiner Wilhelms-Tricarico, H. Lane, J. Wozniak

A study on modeling articulator movements based on the task-independent energy criterion
Tokihiko Kaburagi, Masaaki Honda

Articulatory phonology, task dynamics and computational adequacy
Mark Tatham

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