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ITRW on Speech and Emotion

Newcastle, Northern Ireland, UK
5-7 September 2000

3. Machine Application: Speech Synthesis and Recognition

Verification of acoustical correlates of emotional speech using formant-synthesis
Felix Burkhardt, Walter F. Sendlmeier

Synthesising emotional speech by concatenating multiple pitch recorded speech units
D. S. G. Vine, R. Sahandi

Validation of an acoustical modelling of emotional expression in Spanish using speechsynthesis techniques
Ignasi Iriondo, Roger Guaus, Angel Rodríguez, Patricia Lázaro, Norminanda Montoya, Josep M. Blanco, Dolors Bernadas, Josep Manel Oliver, Daniel Tena, Ludovico Longhi

A speech synthesis system with emotion for assisting communication
Akemi Iida, Nick Campbell, Soichiro Iga, Fumito Higuchi, Michiaki Yasumura

Rule-based emotion synthesis using concatenated speech
Iain R. Murray, Mike D. Edgington, Diane Campion, Justin Lynn

Testing affective correlates of voice quality through analysis and resynthesis
Christer Gobl, Ailbhe Ní Chasaide

Emotions and prosody in dialogues: An algebraic approach based on user modelling
Ivan Kopecek

Emotions: What is possible in the ASR framework
Louis ten Bosch

Desperately seeking emotions or: Actors, wizards, and human beings
Anton Batliner, K. Fischer, R. Huber, Jörg Spilker, Elmar Nöth

Emotion-sensitive human-computer interfaces
Thomas S. Polzin, Alexander Waibel

Approaching automatic recognition of emotion from voice: A rough benchmark
Sinéad McGilloway, Roddy Cowie, Ellen Douglas-Cowie, Stan Gielen, Machiel Westerdijk, Sybert Stroeve

Emotional voice variability in speaker verification
Gudrun Klasmeyer, Tom Johnstone, Tanja Bänziger, Christopher Sappok, Klaus R. Scherer

Modeling drivers’ speech under stress
Raul Fernandez, Rosalind W. Picard

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