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9th Conference on Speech and Computer

St. Petersburg, Russia
20-22 September 2004

Speech Signal Processing

Perception of voice-individuality for distortions of acoustic parameters
Hisao Kuwabara

Noisy speech recognition using string kernels
J. Goddard, A. E. Martinez, F. M. Martinez, H. L. Rufiner

Kernel methods for discriminant analysis in speech recognition
M. Katz, S. E. Krüger, M. Schafföner, E. Andelic, Andreas Wendemuth

Iterative implementation of the kernel Fisher discriminant for speech recognition
E. Andelic, M. Schafföner, S. E. Krüger, M. Katz, Andreas Wendemuth

Free energy classification at various temperatures for speech recognition
S. E. Krüger, S. Barth, M. Katz, M. Schafföner, E. Andelic, Andreas Wendemuth

Integration of adaptive noise cancellation for isolated word recognition in smart-home control systems
S. L. Koval, M. B. Stolbov, M. Y. Tatarnikova

State dependent feature component selection for noise robust ASR
Bert Cranen, Johan de Veth

Spectral normalisation MFCC derived features for robust speech recognition
Carlos S. Lima, Adriano C. Tavares, Carlos A. Silva, Jorge F. Oliveira

The influence of audio compression on speech recognition systems
Paulo Sirum Ng, Ivandro Sanches

Subband pause in speech signal detection using microphone array in room with reverberation
Zoran M. Saric, Slobodan T. Jovicic

The investigation of gullet speech spectrum by means of the recursive filters system
Alexander U. Kornilov

Nonlinear random features of non-stationary signals and applications to speech recognition
Lingnan Ge, Katsuhiko Shirai, Yubo Ge

Adaptive algorithms for pitch-synchronous speech signal segmentation
Valery A. Petrushin

Data-driven filter-bank-based feature extraction for speech recognition
Youngjoo Suh, Hoi-Rin Kim

Estimating tongue-palate contact patterns from the speech signal
Asterios Toutios, Konstantinos G. Margaritis

Anthropomorphic feature extraction algorithm for speech recognition in adverse environments
Alexei V. Ivanov, Alexander A. Petrovsky

Multi-environment models based linear normalization for robust speech recognition
Luis Buera, Eduardo Lleida, Antonio Miguel, Alfonso Ortega

Speech signal analysis wavelet-transformation and signal processing at the periphery of acoustical system
Vladimir Bondarenko, Vladislav Kotsubinski, Andrew Ponomarev, Dmitriy Velikotski

Creation of a method of feature extraction of vowel
Ujin U. Fedorov

Implementation of time-varying modulation filter in speech enhancement system
A. Shadevsky, Alexander A. Petrovsky

Parameters quantization in sinusoidal speech coder on basis of human auditory model
Denis S. Likhachov, Alexander A. Petrovsky

Using linear prediction in spectral domain to decomposition speech into modulated components
Septimiu Mischie

The simple algorithm of building nonrecursive digital filter for decimation purpose
Alexander U. Kornilov

Speech Recognition

Using driver's speech to detect cognitive workload
Chip Wood, Kari Torkkola, Snehal Kundalkar

Safety driver manager
Dimitri Kanevsky, Barbara Churchill, Alex Faisman, David Nahamoo, Roberto Sicconi

A noise robust voice input system for internet services over cellular phones
Masaki Naito, Kengo Fujita, Tohru Shimizu

Improving ASR performance on PDA by contamination of training data
Christophe Ris, Laurent Couvreur

Distributed speech recognition system for PDA in wireless network environment
Soo-Young Suk, Ho-Youl Jung, Shozo Makino, Hyun-Yeol Chung

Advanced acoustic modeling with the hybrid HMM/BN framework
Konstantin Markov, Satoshi Nakamura

A keyword spotting approach based on pseudo N-gram language model
Joo-Gon Kim, Ho-Youl Jung, Hyun-Yeol Chung

Robust keyword spotting using a multi-stream approach
Cheryl Conn, Ji Ming, Philip Hanna

An approach to obtain weighted graphs of words based on phoneme detection
Jon Ander Gomez, Maria Jose Castro, Emilio Sanchis

On the use of the nonparametric regression in neural network based approach applied to Arabic speech
Abderrahmane Amrouche, Jean Michel Rouvaen

An efficient of neural address predictor applies to address vector quantisation codebook in speech processing
J. Srinonchat, S. Danaher, J. I. H. Allen, A. Murray

Increasing trainability of ASR system by means of top-down clustering procedure based on decision trees (vowel data for Russian)
V. Kouznetsov, V. Chuchupal

Implementation of morphemic analysis for Russian speech recognition
Andrey L. Ronzhin, Alexey A. Karpov

A grapheme based speech recognition system for Russian
Sebastian Stüker, Tanja Schultz

The first voice recognition applications in Russian language for use in the interactive information systems
V. A. Zhozhikashvili, M. P. Farkhadov, N. V. Petukhova, A. V. Zhozhikashvili

Automatic vowel recognition in fluent speech (on the material of the Russian language)
Daniil A. Kocharov

Turkish radiology dictation system
Ebru Arisoy, Levent M. Arslan

An acoustic analysis of modern Persian vowels
Ali Akbar Ansarin

Automatic punctuation annotation in Czech broadcast news speech
Jachym Kolar, Jan Svec, Josef Psutka

Towards acoustic modeling of Lithuanian speech
Darius Silingas, Sigita Laurinciukaite, Laimutis Telksnys

Control of a mobile robot using spoken commands
Jesus Savage, Emmanuel Hernandez, Gabriel Vazquez, Adalberto Hernandez, Andrey L. Ronzhin

Decision tree learning for automatic grapheme-to-phoneme conversion for Tamil
N. Udhyakumar, C. S. Kumar, R. Srinivasan, R. Swaminathan

Language identification for multilingual speech recognition systems
C. S. Kumar, Haizhou Li

An approach to compensation for language modeling errors in the key-spotting systems
Mikhail Yu. Zulkarneev

Thai connected digit speech recognition using hidden Markov models
Amarin Deemagarn, Asanee Kawtrakul

INTAS Workshop: Presentations of European Research Projects

Presentation of the SIMILAR network of excellence
Benoit Macq, Benoit Michel

The event calculus implementation using ILOG JRules for security Policy verification
Igor Kotenko, Artem Tishkov, Maria Tishkova

Delivering video-based IST services into European homes - networked home project in the IST programme
Oleg V. Makhrovskiy, Vitaly S. Shibanov

On the temporal component of intonational phrasing
N. Volskaya, S. Stepanova

Holographic technique for linguistic modelling
Alexander V. Pavlov

Creation of Russian speech databases: design, processing, development tools
Vladimir L. Arlazarov, Dimitri S. Bogdanov, Olga F. Krivnova, Aleksandr Ya. Podrabinovitch

Development of multi-voice and multi-language text-to-speech (TTS) and speech-to-text (STT) conversion system (languages: Belorussian, Polish, Russian)
Rüdiger Hoffmann, Edward Shpilewsky, Boris M. Lobanov, Andrey L. Ronzhin

Free text user request processing in the system "KSNet"
Alexander V. Smirnov, Mikhail P. Pashkin, Nikolai G. Chilov, Tatiana V. Levashova, Andrew A. Krizhanovsky

Signs and speech: two forms of human communication
Alexander Voskressenski

Design and implementation of multi-agent man-machine interface on the base of virtual reality models
A. V. Timofeev, V. Andreev, I. E. Gulenko, O. A. Derin, M. V. Litvinov

Information system "nationalities of Russia ethnography": problems of textual, visual, and audio data
Igor I. Vernjaev, Olga M. Fishman, Andrey V. Chugunov, Natalja I. Ivanovskaja, Vladimir B. Pankratov, Pavel P. Tsherbakov

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