ISCA Archive SMM 2023
ISCA Archive SMM 2023

Coding Music For No Stress Learning

Jasmina Maric, Lekshmi Murali Rani

This research paper reports on a study conducted over 10-week Creative Coding workshops designed to encourage girls’ involvement in STEAM fields. By using observations and interviews, this study investigates the participants’ experiences, learning progress, collaborative interactions, and perceptions. Additionally, the research examines the potential of creative coding and audio-visual perceptions of music in creating captivating learning experiences and multimedia art. The observations indicate the girls’ initial excitement and curiosity, their ability to comprehend coding concepts, and the positive impact of collaboration in creating an empowering and inclusive environment. Participants’ testimonies highlight the significance of integrating creative elements in attracting girls to STEAM and enhancing their confidence and aspirations. The findings underscore the importance of nurturing curiosity, promoting inclusivity, fostering collaboration, and integrating creativity to inspire and empower girls in coding and STEAM disciplines.

doi: 10.21437/SMM.2023-2

Cite as: Maric, J., Rani, L.M. (2023) Coding Music For No Stress Learning. Proc. SMM23, Workshop on Speech, Music and Mind 2023, 6-10, doi: 10.21437/SMM.2023-2

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