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9th Workshop on Speech and Language Technology in Education

Dublin, Ireland
18-20 August 2023

Chairs: Helmer Strik, Rahul Divekar, Catia Cucchiarini
doi: 10.21437/SLaTE.2023
ISSN: 2311-4975

Poster Session 2 (Spoken Language Analysis)

Automatic Assessment of Conversational Speaking Tests
Simon W McKnight, Arda Civelekoglu, Mark Gales, Stefano Bannò, Adian Liusie, Katherine M Knill

Adapting an ASR Foundation Model for Spoken Language Assessment
Rao Ma, Mengjie Qian, Mark Gales, Katherine M Knill

Graph-Enhanced Transformer Architecture with Novel Use of CEFR Vocabulary Profile and Filled Pauses in Automated Speaking Assessment
Jiun Ting Li, Tien-Hong Lo, Bi-Cheng Yan, Yung-Chang Hsu, Berlin Chen

Retention Effects of Form-focused English Speaking Training Based on Question-Answering Task in Comparison with Repeating Task using Robot-assisted Language Learning System
Daiki Muramoto, Tsuneo Kato, Akihiro Tamura, Seiichi Yamamoto

Towards Automatically Assessing Children's Oral Picture Description Tasks
Hariram Veeramani, Natarajan Balaji Shankar, Alexander Johnson, Abeer Alwan

Measuring Intelligibility in Non-native Speech: The Usability of Automatically Extracted Acoustic-Phonetic Features
Xing Wei, Catia Cucchiarini, Roeland van Hout, Helmer Strik

Assessment of L2 Oral Proficiency Using Self-Supervised Speech Representation Learning
Stefano Bannò, Katherine M Knill, Marco Matassoni, Vyas Raina, Mark Gales

Density and Entropy of Spoken Syllables in American English and Japanese English Estimated with Acoustic Word Embeddings
Yusuke Shozui, Nobuaki Minematsu, Noriko Nakanishi, Daisuke Saito

Grammatical Error Correction for L2 Speech Using Publicly Available Data
Stefano Bannò, Michela Rais, Marco Matassoni

Unsupervised Multilingual Topic Segmentation of Video Lectures: What can Hierarchical Labels tell us about the Performance?
Steffen Freisinger, Fabian Schneider, Aaricia Herygers, Munir Georges, Tobias Bocklet, Korbinian Riedhammer

Annotation of L2 English Speech for Developing and Evaluating End-to-End Spoken Grammatical Error Correction
Katherine M Knill, Diane Nicholls, Mark Gales, Pawel Stroinski, Alex Watkinson

Exploring Speech Representations for Proficiency Assessment in Language Learning
Elaf Islam, Chanho Park, Thomas Hain

A Punctuation Restoration System For L2 Speech Using Text And Acoustic Features
Seongjin Park, Aaron Albin, Rutuja Ubale

Learner and Linguistic Factors in Commercial ASR Use for Spoken Language Practice: A Focus on Form
Elizabeth Bear, Stephen Bodnar, Xiaobin Chen

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Keynote: Nancy F. Chen

Oral Session 1 (Reading)

Oral Session 2 (Pronunciation (segmental))

Oral Session 3 (L2 Speech)

Poster Session 1 (Pronunciation)

Poster Session 1 (Text)

Poster Session 1 (Early Career)

Poster Session 1 (Demos)

Poster Session 2 (Spoken Language Analysis)

Joint SIGUL-SLaTE Session