ISCA Archive SLaTE 2019
ISCA Archive SLaTE 2019

Overview of LARA: A Learning and Reading Assistant

Elham Akhlaghi, Branislav Bédi, Matt Butterweck, Cathy Chua, Johanna Gerlach, Hanieh Habibi, Junta Ikeda, Manny Rayner, Sabina Sestigiani, Ghil'ad Zuckermann

We present an overview of LARA (Learning and Reading Assistant), a set of tools currently being developed in the context of a collaborative open project for building and using online CALL content. LARA offers a range of options for semi-automatically transforming text into a hypertext version designed to give support to non-native readers. Functionality includes construction of a personalised concordance based on the learner's reading history, addition of recorded audio files, and insertion of links to translations and online linguistic resources. We present initial evaluations of LARA content developed for Icelandic, Farsi and Italian, and briefly describe content created in several more languages. We conclude by noting ethical issues that arise and outlining plans for further development of LARA.

doi: 10.21437/SLaTE.2019-19

Cite as: Akhlaghi, E., Bédi, B., Butterweck, M., Chua, C., Gerlach, J., Habibi, H., Ikeda, J., Rayner, M., Sestigiani, S., Zuckermann, G. (2019) Overview of LARA: A Learning and Reading Assistant. Proc. 8th ISCA Workshop on Speech and Language Technology in Education (SLaTE 2019), 99-103, doi: 10.21437/SLaTE.2019-19

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