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Speech and Language Technology in Education

Venice, Italy
24-26 August 2011
doi: 10.21437/SLaTE.2011

Spoken Language

A student-centred evaluation of a web-based spoken translation game
Pierrette Bouillon, Manny Rayner, Nikos Tsourakis, Qinglu Zhang

Introducing difficulty-levels in pronunciation learning
Mark Kane, João P. Cabral, Amalia Zahra, Julie Carson-Berndsen

Reliability of non-native speech automatic segmentation for prosodic feedback
Larbi Mesbahi, Denis Jouvet, Anne Bonneau, Dominique Fohr, Irina Illina, Yves Laprie

Rule-based method for pitch level classification for a Japanese pitch accent CALL system
Greg Short, Keikichi Hirose, Nobuaki Minematsu

Using an ensemble of classifiers for mispronunciation feedback
Gopal Ananthakrishnan, Preben Wik, Olov Engwall, Sherif Abdou

English language learning activity using spoken language and intelligent computer-assisted technologies
Maria Fuentes, Meritxell González

Assessing the effect of type-written form-focused dialogues on spoken language fluency
Magdalena Wolska, Sabrina Wilske

Improving transcription agreement of non-native English speech corpus transcribed by non-natives
Hyuksu Ryu, Kyuwhan Lee, Sunhee Kim, Minhwa Chung

Readability index as a design criterion for elicited imitation tasks in automatic oral proficiency assessment
Febe de Wet, Pieter Müller, Christa van der Walt, Thomas Niesler

Improving ASR processing of ungrammatical utterances through grammatical error modeling
Helmer Strik, Joost van Doremalen, Janneke van de Loo, Catia Cucchiarini

Feedback in an ASR-based CALL system for L2 syntax: a feasibility study
Stephen Bodnar, Bart Penning de Vries, Catia Cucchiarini, Helmer Strik, Roeland van Hout

For a fistful of dollars: using crowd-sourcing to evaluate a spoken language CALL application
Manny Rayner, Ian Frank, Cathy Chua, Nikos Tsourakis, Pierrette Bouillon

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