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Speech Input/Output Assessment and Speech Databases

Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands
20-23 September 1989

Volume 2 - Contributed Papers

An overview of ten years of research on the perception of synthetic speech
David B. Pisoni, Beth G. Greene, John S. Logan

A monosyllabic test corpus to evaluate the intelligibility of synthesized and natural speech
Murray Spiegel, Mary Jo Altom, Marian Macchi, Karen Wallace

Evaluation and development of the KTH text-to-speech system on the segmental level
Rolf Carlson, Björn Granström

The cluster-based rhyme test: a segmental synthesis test for open vocabulary
Ute Jekosch

Syntactic structures and lexicon requirements for semantically unpredictable sentences in a number of languages
Martine Grice

The assessment of synthetic speech intelligibility using semantically unpredictable sentences
Valerie Hazan, Martine Grice

Intelligibility test for the assessment of French synthesisers using semantically unpredictable sentences
Christian Benoît

Frequency resolution effects effects on phonetic level perception of synthesized speech
John E. Clark, Robert H. Mannell

Speech database development: TIMIT and beyond
Victor Zue, Stephanie Seneff, James Glass

ATR Japanese speech database as a tool of speech recognition and synthesis
Akira Kurematsu, Kazuya Takeda, Hisao Kuwabara, Kiyohiro Shikano

Speech database projects in Japan: present and future
Katsuhiko Shirai, Hiroya Fujisaki, S. Itahashi

Design and use of a national speech database
J. Bruce Millar

Acoustic phonetic data base for hindi speech
Shyam S. Agrawal

The speech database used in SPICOS
Volker Steinbiss, Hans-Hermann Hamer, Dieter Mergel, Hermann Ney, Andreas Noll, Annedore Paeseler, Herbert Piotrowski, Horst Tomaschewski

The speech processing expertise centre SPEX
Bert van Heugten

The CTH - speech database: an integrated multilevel approach
Per Hedelin, Dieter Huber

Database collection: experience at british telecom research laboratories
G. P. Walker, W. Millar

The KTH speech database
Rolf Carlson, Björn Granström, Lennart Nord

Databases incorporating spontaneous speech from fluent and disfluent speakers
Peter Howell, Michael Johnson, Karima Kadi-Hanifi, Pippa Bark, Patricia Hanke, Celia Bonnett, Trudie Wingfield

An acoustical database design for speaker recognition
N. De Sario, Andrea Di Carlo, A. Paoloni, B. Saverione

Reconstruction, signal enhancement and storage of old sound material
Tjeerd de Graaf

A comparative analysis of the magnitude estimation and the pair comparison techniques for use in assessing quality of text-to-speech synthesis
Chaslav V. Pavlovic, Christel Sorin, Jean Pierre Roumiquiere, Jean Pierre Lucas

Subjective assessment of acceptability, intelligibility and naturalness of text-to-speech synthesis
Chaslav V. Pavlovic, Mario Rossi, Robert Espesser

Standardization of synthetic speech quality for telecommunication purposes
Michel Cartier, Christer Karlsson, Giulio Modena

Evaluation of text-to-speech conversion for Dutch: from segment to text
Renée van Bezooijen, Louis C. W. Pols

Evaluation of an automatic text-to-speech conversion system for Spanish
R. P. M. W. van Gerwen, Wilhelm H. Vieregge, M. P. A. M. Kerkhof

Evaluating intonation in the CSTR text-to-speech system
Alex I. C. Monaghan, D. Robert Ladd

Benchmark tests for DARPA resource management database performance evaluations
David S. Pallett

Recogniser sensitivity analysis: trial results and future directions
Jeremy Peckham, Trevor Thomas, E. Frangoulis

Figures of merit for assessing connected-word recognisers
Melvyn J. Hunt

Evaluation of phoneme lattices: four methods compared
Henry S. Thompson

Testing the effective vocabulary capacity method of evaluating speech recognizers
J. M. E. van de Vegte, M. M. Taylor

RAMOS i: recognizer assessment by manipulation of speech
Jeroen G. van Velden, Herman J. M. Steeneken

Speech recognizer sensitivity to the variation of different control parameters in synthetic speech
Sabine Crosnier, Mats Blomberg, Kjell Elenius

On coordinated assessment efforts in france
Maxine Eskénazi

An evaluation method for continuous speech recognition systems
Seiichi Nakagawa

Development of analytical speech input/ouput assessment procedures
Phillip Dermody, Kerrie Mackie

Tools for phonetic labeling and phonetic assessment
C. Bourjot, A. Boyer, Dominique Fohr, Jean-Paul Haton

Some perspectives on speech database development
Lori F. Lamel

Speech database development: design and analysis of the acoustic-phonetic corpus
Lori F. Lamel, Robert H. Kassel, Stephanie Seneff

Linguistic data bases and tests on language models
Lou Boves

Phonetic-string alignment for an automatic labelling of speech corpora
Guy Pérennou, M. de Calmès, J. M. Pécatte, Nadine Vigouroux

The reliability of manual labelling of continuous speech
C. J. M. van Hoeckel

Organisation and access procedure for a large lexicon
A. K. Datta, R. Sridhar

An acoustic-phonetic formalism for database access
Jan P. M. Hendriks

SESAM: a low cost workstation for speech assessment
Jean Claude Caerou, Jean Marc Dolmazon, Jean Michel Lunati

An application of relational database to recognizer testing workstation
Giuseppe Castagneri, Lucia Vacchetta, Andrea Di Carlo

An automated procedure for minimum size phonetically balanced phrases selection
Alessandro Falaschi

A structured knowledge bank for syntactic and semantic speech analysis
Ronald Vendelmans

Linguistic corpora for the language industry: a european community public utility
Henry S. Thompson

Towards the perceptual quantification of context redundancy in sentences
Christian Benoît

Speech recognition: interactive performance assessment for realistic environments
Janet M. Baker

Evaluation techniques for spoken language systems
Sheryl R. Young

Evaluation of the suitability of Dutch text-to-speech conversion for application in a digital daily newspaper
Renée van Bezooijen

Test items for evaluating quality of synthetic speech
Shizuo Hiki

Testing some essential parameters of a word recognizer used in car noise
Mats Blomberg, Kjell Elenius

An automated system for ASR performance evaluation
Harry Chang, Alan Smith, George Vysotsky

Assessment of two commercial recognizers with the SAM workstation and EUROM 0
Herman J. M. Steeneken, M. Tomlinson, Jean-Luc Gauvain

Design and recording of a large speech database over the local telephone network in English and in French
Raymond Descout, Pierre Dumouchel, Pierre Hamel, Louis Vrooment

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