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6th SIGDial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue

Lisbon, Portugal
2-3 September 2005

Long Papers and Invited Talks

Where do we go from here? research and commercial spoken dialog systems
Roberto Pieraccini, Juan Huerta

Early preparation of experimentally elicited minimal responses
Wieneke Wesseling, Rob J. J. H. van Son

Accenting, deaccenting and information structure in Italian dialogue
Cinzia Avesani, Mario Vayra

Partially observable Markov decision processes with continuous observations for dialogue management
Jason D. Williams, Pascal Poupart, Steve Young

The Markov assumption in spoken dialogue management
Tim Paek, David Maxwell Chickering

Quantitative evaluation of user simulation techniques for spoken dialogue systems
Jost Schatzmann, Kallirroi Georgila, Steve Young

Automatic induction of language model data for a spoken dialogue system
Grace Chung, Stephanie Seneff, Chao Wang

Does this answer your question? towards dialogue management for restricted domain question answering systems
Matthias Denecke, Norihito Yasuda

Using machine learning for non-sentential utterance classification
Raquel Fernández, Jonathan Ginzburg, Shalom Lappin

Using bigrams to identify relationships between student certainness states and tutor responses in a spoken dialogue corpus
Kate Forbes-Riley, Diane J. Litman

A corpus collection and annotation framework for learning multimodal clarification strategies
Verena Rieser, Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Oliver Lemon

A corpus for studying addressing behavior in multi-party dialogues
Natasa Jovanovic, Rieks op den Akker, Anton Nijholt

Meeting structure annotation: data and tools
Alexander Gruenstein, John Niekrasz, Matthew Purver

Sorry, i didn²t catch that! - an investigation of non-understanding errors and recovery strategies
Dan Bohus, Alexander I. Rudnicky

Developing city name acquisition strategies in spoken dialogue systems via user simulation
Ed Filisko, Stephanie Seneff

Evaluation of a dialogue system in an automotive environment
Liza Hassel, Eli Hagen

Parameters for quantifying the interaction with spoken dialogue telephone services
Sebastian Möller

GALATEA: a discourse modeller supporting concept-level error handling in spoken dialogue systems
Gabriel Skantze

A hybrid model for tutorial dialogs
Helmut Horacek, Magdalena Wolska

A collaborative problem-solving model of dialogue
Nate Blaylock, James Allen

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