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ISCA Workshop on Plasticity in Speech Perception

Senate House, London, UK
15-17 June 2005

Oral Sessions

Evidence for plasticity in second language (L2) speech acquisition
James E. Flege

Linguistic plasticity in adopted subjects
Christophe Pallier

Disruption and plasticity of the phonological system in developmental dyslexia
Franck Ramus, Gayaneh Szenkovits

A critical period for the development of central auditory pathways
Michael Dorman, Anu Sharma

Infants' brain and behavioral responses to speech: implications for the critical period
Patricia K. Kuhl, Barbara Conboy

The lexical utility of phoneme-category plasticity
Anne Cutler, James McQueen, Dennis Norris

Plasticity in lexical competition: the impact of vocabulary acquisition
Gareth Gaskell, Nicolas Dumay

Plasticity in systems for automatic speech recognition: a review
Roger Moore, Stuart Cunningham

The neural bases of plasticity in speech perception
Sophie Scott

Perceptual interference and learning in speech perception
Paul Iverson

Auditory learning: implications for speech perception
David R. Moore

Plasticity in speech perception: lessons from cochlear implants
Stuart Rosen

Perceiving isn't only hearing: the role of speech production in the development of lexical tone perception
Johanna Barry, Kathy Lee

Sensitive periods for absolute pitch
Glenn Schellenberg

Learning how to learn: the acquisition of stress-based word segmentation strategies by infants
Jenny Saffran, Erik Thiessen

The development of positional effects on phonetic discrimination
Jessica Maye

Bilingual input and vowel categorization processes: infant and young children data
Laura Bosch, Marta Ramon-Casas, Daniel Swingley, Núria Sebastián-Gallés

Poster Session #1

Effects of musical and linguistic experience on hemispheric processing of prosody
Dawn Behne, Yue Wang

Perceptual adaptation to speaker characteristics: VOT boundaries in stop voicing categorization
Constance Clarke, Paul Luce

Acquisition of musical grammar: is adolescence a sensitive period?
Annabel Cohen, Elizabeth McFadden, Betty Bailey

Coding speech into useful structures: a neural basis for Polysp
Sarah Hawkins, Rachel Smith

Perceptual development of a nonnative length contrast: Dutch adults learning Finnish /t-t:/
Willemijn Heeren

Cross-linguistic differences in 6-month-olds' clause segmentation strategies
Elizabeth Johnson, Amanda Seidl

Infant discrimination of spectrally weighted speech
Christine Kitamura, Janice Gregory, Stacey Kuan

Speech processing in prematurely born infants as indexed by event-related potentials
Elena Kushnerenko, Eira Jansson-Verkasalo

The role of temporal information in vowel perceptual areas: a cross-linguistic study
Christine Meunier, Robert Espesser, Cheryl Frenck-Mestre

Lexical knowledge effects on the discrimination of non-native phonemic contrasts in words and nonwords by Spanish/catalan bilingual learners of English
Joan C. Mora

Generalization of phonetic imitation across place of articulation
Kuniko Nielsen

Perceptual learning of accented speech
Lynne Nygaard, Sabrina Sidaras, Jessica Duke

Developmental differences in infants' attention to utterance duration
Robin Panneton, Megan McIlreavy

Interspeaker variation as the long term outcome of dialectally varied input: speech production evidence for fine-grained plasticity
James Scobbie

Changing perceptions: the influence of visual speech information to auditory perceptions and working memory in children using a cochlear implant and children with normal hearing
Vanessa Surowiecki, David Grayden, Richard Dowell, Graeme Clark, Paul Maruff

Acoustic cue weighting in the perception of initial voicing in Hebrew speaking children and adults
Riki Taitelbaum-Swead, Minka Hildesheimer, Liat Kishon-Rabin

Training native Chinese and native English listeners to perceive Thai tones
Ratree Wayland, Bin Li

An objective measure of hemispheric differences in processing dichotic meaningful words and meaningless pseudowords as indexed by mismatch negativity
Ifat Yasin, Dorothy Bishop

Local context effect on downtrend normalisation in Cantonese
Ivan Yuen

Poster Session #2

Contribution of prosody to the perception of a foreign accent: a study based on Spanish/Italian modified speech
Bianca Vieru-Dimulescu, Philippe Boula de Mareüil

Weighting and waiting: experience mediated cue integration in spoken word recognition
Meghan Clayards, Richard Aslin, Michael Tanenhaus

Transfer of perceptual learning of vocoded speech: evidence for abstract pre-lexical representations
Matt Davis, Alexis Hervais-Adelman, Karen Taylor, Robert P. Carlyon, Ingrid Johnsrude

Plasticity in speech production and perception: a study of accent change in young adults
Bronwen Evans, Paul Iverson

Recognising tones by tracking movements - how infants may develop tonal categories from adult speech input
Bruno Gauthier, Rushen Shi, Yi Xu

Perceptual learning of noise vocoded words
Alexis Hervais-Adelman, Matt Davis, Robert P. Carlyon

Segmental and suprasegmental speech processing in a child with Landau-kleffner syndrome
Ferenc Honbolygo, Valéria Csépe, Gergely Sárközy, Rozália Kálmánchey

An ecological view on general mechanisms of early language acquisition
Francisco Lacerda, Anna Svensk, Charlotte Molde, Jenny Olofsson, Linda Ristolainen, Maria Carlson, Maria Sjöberg, Marianne Eklund, Sara Ekman-Brandt, Eeva Klintfors

Changes in adult speech perception and implicit learning of non-adjacent phonotactic dependencies
Conor McLennan, Paul Luce, Robert La Vigne, Jan Charles-Luce

Short- and medium-term plasticity for speaker adaptation seem to be independent
Holger Mitterer

Perception of new, given and contrastive information in Taiwanese
Ho-hsien Pan, Wan-Ting Huang, Ying-Hui Huang

The all-or-none or graded nature of the orthographic consistency effect in speech recognition
Chotiga Pattamadilok, Paulo Ventura, Jose Junca de Morais, Regine Kolinsky

Acquiring novel words and their past tense forms: evidence from lexical effects on phonetic categorisation
Leanne Sedin, Gareth Gaskell

Segmental details in children's early lexical representations
Suzanne van der Feest, Paula Fikkert

Listeners' sensitivity to formant transition is adapted to the requirements of their native language
Anita Wagner, Mirjam Ernestus

Poster Session #3

Change of perception of emotions in multimodal and crosslinguistic settings
Åsa Abelin

The perceptual development of a Dutch vowel contrast by Brazilian learners
Ivana Brasileiro, Paola Escudero

English and French native language influence on the perception of syllable prominence in German
Volker Dellwo, Petra Wagner

Coping with an unfamiliar regional accent: a lexical decision study in French listeners
Frédérique Girard, Caroline Floccia, Jeremy Goslin, Gabrielle Konopczynski

Vowel discrimination in early bilinguals: how plastic?
Anders Højen

Temporofrontal functional connectivity is modulated by sentence intelligibility
Ingrid Johnsrude, Matt Davis, Barry Horwitz

Pronunciation accuracy of four English vowels by Serbian learners of English
Lidija Krebs-Lazendic, Heather Winskel, Catherine Best, Denis Burnham

No available theories currently explain all adult-child cue weighting differences
Catherine Mayo, Alice Turk

A dynamic adaptive model of linguistic rhythm
Sean McLennan

Effect of age and reading level on the perceptual weight assigned to acoustic cues
Souhila Messaoud-Galusi, René Carré, Liliane Sprenger-Charolles, Willy Serniclaes

Generalization of language rules: syntactic and thematic processing of unfamiliar words
Jutta Mueller, Angela D. Friederici

Speech-sound duration processing in a second language is specific to phonetic categories
Sari Nenonen, Anna Shestakova, Minna Huotilainen, Risto Näätänen

Intrinsic pitch differences between German vowels /i:/, /i/ and /y:/ in a crosslinguistic perception experiment
Daniel Pape, Christine Mooshammer, Susanne Fuchs, Phil Hoole

The potential role of speaker's vocal tract morphology onto speech perception: preliminary results
Susanne Fuchs, Jana Brunner, Pascal Perrier, Christian Geng, Bernd Pompino-Marschall

Language learning in adults and children
Joan Sereno, Allard Jongman

Auditory-perceptual training using a simulation of a cochlear-implant system: a controlled study
Paula Stacey, Quentin Summerfield

Learning morse code results in cortical plastic changes: evidence from ERPs.
Maria Uther, Anu Kujala, Minna Huotilainen, Yury Shtyrov, Risto Näätänen

When and why feedback matters in the perceptual learning of visual properties of speech
Stephen Winters, David Pisoni

Cortical networks underlying audio-visual speech perception in normally hearing and hearing impaired
Julie Yoo, Frank Guenther, Joseph Perkell

Poster Session #4

Asymmetrical generalization of learning in a speech-in-noise identification task to the untrained ear
Daphne Ari-Even Roth, Liat Kishon-Rabin, Minka Hildesheimer, Avi Karni

Two time scales in speech segmentation
Maria Chait, Steven Greenberg, Takayuki Arai, Jonathan Simon, David Poeppel

The salience of consonants and vowels in learning an artificial lexicon: the effects of noise
Sarah Creel, Richard Aslin, Michael Tanenhaus

Auditory neurophysiological signatures of tone discrimination in children with SLI
Elisabeth Fonteneau, Heather van der Lely

Voiced labio-dental fricatives or glides - all the same to Germans
Silke Hamann, Anke Sennema

Korean children living in france and becoming bilingual: prosodic, pragmatic, and lexical aspects
Yumi Han-Pejaudier

The effect of acoustic enhancement and variability on phonetic category learning by L2 learners
Valerie Hazan, Paul Iverson, Kerry Bannister

Effects of speaking rate on native English speakers' identification of Japanese vowel length
Yukari Hirata

Plasticity in recovery and persistence of stuttering
Peter Howell, Stephen Davis, Kate Watkins, Katharina Dworzynski, Ceri Savage

Non-plasticity and the perceptual equivalence of 'defective' and non-defective /r/ realisations
Mark Jones, Rachael-Anne Knight

Perception of non-native vowels by Finnish learners of French
Virpi Kalliorinne, Maija S. Peltola, Olli Aaltonen

Recovery of syntactic function during auditory language processing following subthalamic nucleus stimulation
Sonja Kotz, Johannes Schwarz, Dirk Winkler, Christoph Preul, D. Yves von Cramon, Angela D. Friederici

Perceived phonetic details are not necessarily used in lexical acquisition
Thierry Nazzi

Role of training and short-term context effects in the perception of /s/ and /st/ in French
Noel Nguyen, Leonardo Lancia, Maïtine Bergounioux, Sophie Wauquier-Gravelines, Betty Tuller

Abstract phoneme representations in children: a magnetic mismatch negativity study
Anna Shestakova, Elvira Brattico, Minna Huotilainen

Amplitude envelope onsets and dyslexia: a behavioural and electrophysiological study
Jenny Thomson, Torsten Baldeweg, Usha Goswami

Plasticity in vowel and consonant perception by Chinese learners of Dutch-accented English
Hongyan Wang, Vincent van Heuven

Poster Session #5

Perception of non-native speech sounds
Deepashri Agrawal, S. R. Savithri

Tracing vocal expression of emotion along the speech chain: do listeners perceive what speakers feel?
Sonja Biersack, Vera Kempe

A model base upon response fields derived during early experience can account for the interference effects of synthetically degraded speech signals
Susan Denham, Martin Coath

Do palatal consonants correspond to the fourth category in the perceptual F2-F3 space?
Christian Geng, Katalin Mady, Caroline Bogliotti, Souhila Messaoud-Galusi, Vicky Medina, Willy Serniclaes

Effects of linguistic experience on perception and learnability of non-speech categories
Jessica Hay, Adrian Garcia-Sierra

The role of language familiarity on early voice discrimination
Elizabeth Johnson, Ellen Westrek, Thierry Nazzi

Identification functions of /ba-pa/ continua in noise and their relation to open-set word recognition in noise
Liat Kishon-Rabin, Liat Noy, Noa Gubi

Neurodynamical modelling of long-term plasticity in speech perception
Johan Larsson, Fatima Vera, Nuria Sebastian-Galles, Gustavo Deco

Lexically-driven perceptual adjustments of vowel categories
James McQueen, Holger Mitterer

Training experienced hearing-aid users to identify syllable constituents in quiet and noise
James Miller, Charles Watson, Jonathan Dalby, Deborah Burleson

ERP evidence on the processing of emotional prosody
Silke Paulmann, Sonja Kotz

Effects of adult ageing oo adaptation to time- and frequency-compressed speech
Jonathan Peelle, Arthur Wingfield

Age-related changes in temporal processing by adults: periodicity and gap coding in speech and non-speech signals
Kathleen Pichora-Fuller, Bruce Schneider, Nancy Benson, Stan Hamstra, Edward Storzer

Perception of altered formant feedback influences speech production
David Purcell, Ingrid Johnsrude, Kevin Munhall

Perceptual adaptation by normally-hearing listeners to a simulated 'hole' in hearing
Matthew Smith, Andrew Faulkner

Distributional information and infants' use of phonemic contrasts for word learning
Erik Thiessen

Cross-language speech perception of final stops by Australian-English, Japanese and Thai listeners
Kimiko Tsukada

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