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ESCA Workshop on Prosody

Lund, Sweden
27-29 September 1993

Models, Perception, and Applications

MÜSLI: a classification scheme for laryngealizations
Anton Batliner, Susanne Burger, B. Johne, Andreas Kießling

Prosodic modelling of phrasing in Swedish
Gösta Bruce, Björn Granström, Kjell Gustafson, David House

Automatic detection of prosodic cues for segmenting continuous speech into supralexical units
Noëlle Carbonell, Yves Laprie

Perception of low-anchoring versus high-anchoring of dutch accent-lending pitch rises
Johanneke Caspers, Vincent J. van Heuven

A cognitive approach to planning and representation of prosodic features in a concept-to-speech system
Carsten Günther

A transdisciplinary model for prosody applied to the teaching of clinical populations
Patricia M. Hargrove, Nancy S. McGarr

Experimental study on the role of prosodic features in the human process of spoken word perception
Keikichi Hirose, Nobuaki Minematsu, Mika Ito

Multi-lingual modelling of intonation patterns
Daniel Hirst, Albert Di Cristo, Martine Le Besnerais, Zohra Najim, Pascale Nicolas, Pascal Romeas

Improving the prosody in TTS systems: morphological and lexical-semantic methods for tracking 'new' vs. 'given' information
Merle Horne, Marcus Filipsson, Christer Johansson, Mats Ljungqvist, Anders Lindstrom

The prediction of prosodic timing: rules for final syllable lengthening in French
Eric Keller, Brigitte Zellner, Stefan Werner, Nicole Blanchoud

Perceptual evaluation of rule-generated intonation contours for German interrogatives
Bernd Möbius

Perceptual evidence for separate processing of stress pattern and phonemic string
Valérie Pasdeloup, José Morais, Régine Kolinsky

Judgement on quality and diagnostic evaluation of synthetic prosody
Serge Santi, Isabelle Guaïtella

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Synthesis and TTS Demo


Prominence, Grouping, and Discourse

Models, Perception, and Applications


Production, Models, and Synthesis