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ESCA Workshop on Phonetics and Phonology of Speaking Styles

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
30 September - 2 October 1991

Contributed Papers

Analysis of the Spanish sequence "de" in content words and in function words in continuous speech
Lourdes Aguilar Cuevas, M. Jesus Machuca Ayuso, Gemma Martínez Dauden

Connected speech in Welsh: stress and pitch in conflict
Martin J. Ball

Assimilation and palatalisation in connected speech
Martin C. Barry

Acoustic and lexical vowel reduction
Dick R. van Bergem

Melodic patterns in three types of radio discourse
Parth Bhatt, Pierre Léon

Phonetic characteristics of spontaneous and read-aloud speech
Eleonora Blaauw

On the analysis of prosody in spontaneous speech with exemplification from Swedish and French
Gösta Bruce, Paul Touati

Linguistic and prosodic features of speaking styles in French text readings
Genevieve Caelen-Haumont

Linguistic functions of prosody
Luiz Carlos Cagliari

Compensatory shortening in Spanish spontaneous speech
Mar Carrió Font, Antonio Ríos Mestre

The construction of a corpus of spoken Spanish: phonetic and phonological parameters
Miriam Cid Uribe, Santiago G. Fernandez Corugedo

Categoricality in acceptability judgements for strong versus weak vowels
Anne Cutler, Beverley Fear

Temporal structures of speech: "reading news on TV"
Maria Raquel Delgado-Martins, Maria Joao Freitas

Stability of Czech vowels studied in three different corps
Marie Dohalská-Zichová

Some factors affecting F2-patterns in spontaneous speech in French
Danielle Duez

Speech styles and the pronunciation of Basque in TV
Agurtzane Elordui, Miren Lourdes Oñederra

Some observations on tempo and speaking style in Swedish text reading
Gunnar Fant, Anita Kruckenberg, Lennart Nord

Vowel production in isolated words and in connected speech: an investigation of the linguo-mandibular subsystem
Edda Farnetani, Alice Faber

The structural and pragmatic basis of an intonational reduction process in colloquial Norwegian
Thorstein Fretheim

On the rhythmical type of Basque
M. Rosario Gandarias Olaeta

Neglected dimensions in speech synthesis
Björn Granström, Lennart Nord

Some aspects of maximally fast reading style
Reinhold Greisbach

Phonetic units by ear and eye
Martine Grice, William Barry

The covariation of [@] with style in Parisian French: an empirical study of 'e caduc' and pre-pausal [@]
Anita Berit Hansen

Some aspects of vowel reduction in Spanish spontaneous speech
Bernard Harmegnies, Dolors Poch-Olivé

A comparison of the prosody in read speech and directed monologue in British English
James L. Hieronymus, Briony J. Williams

Modelling voice variations in female speech synthesis
Inger Karlsson

Intrinsic difficulties with the terms 'stress-timing' and 'syllable-timing' for Spanish and Portuguese
Orlando R. Kelm

The Lancaster/IBM spoken English corpus: a database for research into speaking styles
Gerry Knowles

Spectro-temporal reduction and expansion in spontaneous speech and read text: focus words versus non-focus words
Florien J. Koopmans-van Beinum

Manual segmentation and labelling of continuous speech
Knut Kvale, Arne Kjell Foldvik

Phonological variations in read speech, reduction phenomena and speaker classes: do allophonic choices represent speaking style?
Anne Lacheret-Dujour

A formal tool for modelling "standard" phonetic variations
Eric Laporte

Spontaneous speech and phonological models: the role of signal-independent information in linguistic communication
Pietro Maturi

Accentuation and speech rate in the CSTR TTS system
Alex I. C. Monaghan

Segment reduction and expansion in Finnish: a comparison of read and spontaneous speech
Kate Moore

Phonatory correlates of speaking style
Ailbhe Ní Chasaide, Christer Gobl

A non-segmental phonetic and phonological analysis of variation in natural speech
Richard Ogden

Syllabic consonants at different speaking rates: a problem for automatic recognition
Peter Roach, Dave Millar

Prosodic effects of reiteration in man-machine dialog by voice
Pascal Romeas

Comparison of some articulatory paths for fricatives in slow speech-like sequences and in connected speech
Celia Scully, Esther Grabe, Eric Castelli

The speech reduction under the influence of nonverbal factors
Olga Schulzová

The phonological representation of reduced forms
Maria Josep Solé, John J. Ohala

An investigation of locus equations as a source of relational invariance for stop place categorization
Harvey M. Sussman

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