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The Speaker and Language Recognition Workshop

Beijing, China
28 June - 1 July 2022

Chair: Thomas Fang Zheng
doi: 10.21437/Odyssey.2022

Evaluation and Benchmarking

C-P Map: A Novel Evaluation Toolkit for Speaker Verification
Lantian Li, Di Wang, Wenqiang Du, Dong Wang

The NIST CTS Speaker Recognition Challenge
Seyed Omid Sadjadi, Craig Greenberg, Elliot Singer, Lisa Mason, Douglas Reynolds

The 2021 NIST Speaker Recognition Evaluation
Seyed Omid Sadjadi, Craig Greenberg, Elliot Singer, Lisa Mason, Douglas Reynolds

Baseline Systems for the First Spoofing-Aware Speaker Verification Challenge: Score and Embedding Fusion
Hye-jin Shim, Hemlata Tak, Xuechen Liu, Hee-Soo Heo, Jee-weon Jung, Joon Son Chung, Soo-Whan Chung, Ha-Jin Yu, Bong-Jin Lee, Massimiliano Todisco, Héctor Delgado, Kong Aik Lee, Md Sahidullah, Tomi Kinnunen, Nicholas Evans

Advances in Speaker Recognition for Multilingual Conversational Telephone Speech: The JHU-MIT System for NIST SRE20 CTS Challenge
Jesús Villalba, Bengt J. Borgstrom, Saurabh Kataria, Jaejin Cho, Pedro A. Torres-Carrasquillo, Najim Dehak

Development of ABC Systems for the 2021 Edition of NIST Speaker Recognition Evaluation
Jahangir Alam, Radek Beneš, Marián Beszédeš, Lukáš Burget, Mohamed Dahmane, Abderrahim Fathan, Hamed Ghodrati, Ondřej Glembek, Woo Hyun Kang, Pavel Matĕjka, Ladislav Mošner, Oldřich Plchot, Johan Rohdin, Anna Silnova, Themos Stafylakis

STC Speaker Recognition System for the NIST SRE 2021
Galina Lavrentyeva, Sergey Novoselov, Vladimir Volokhov, Anastasia Avdeeva, Aleksei Gusev, Alisa Vinogradova, Igor Korsunov, Alexander Kozlov, Timur Pekhovsky, Andrey Shulipa, Evgeny Smirnov, Vasily Galyuk

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Special Session: CNSRC 2022

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