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The Speaker and Language Recognition Workshop

Bilbao, Spain
21-24 June 2016

Chairs: Luis Javier Rodriguez-Fuentes and Eduardo Lleida
doi: 10.21437/Odyssey.2016

Language Recognition

Between-Class Covariance Correction For Linear Discriminant Analysis in Language Recognition
Abhinav Misra, Qian Zhang, Finnian Kelly, John H.L. Hansen

Incorporating uncertainty as a Quality Measure in I-Vector Based Language Recognition
Amir Hossein Poorjam, Rahim Saeidi, Tomi Kinnunen, Ville Hautamaki

Discriminating Languages in a Probabilistic Latent Subspace
Aleksandr Sizov, Kong Aik Lee, Tomi Kinnunen

Investigation of Senone-based Long-Short Term Memory RNNs for Spoken Language Recognition
Yao Tian, Liang He, Yi Liu, Jia Liu

Automatic Accent Recognition Systems and the Effects of Data on Performance
Georgina Brown

The “Sprekend Nederland” project and its application to accent location
David van Leeuwen, Rosemary Orr

Deep Language: a comprehensive deep learning approach to end-to-end language recognition
Trung Ngo Trong, Ville Hautamäki, Kong Aik Lee

On the use of phone-gram units in recurrent neural networks for language identification
Christian Salamea, Luis Fernando D'Haro, Ricardo Cordoba, Rubén San-Segundo

Language Recognition for Dialects and Closely Related Languages
Gregory Gelly, Jean-Luc Gauvain, Lori Lamel, Antoine Laurent, Viet Bac Le, Abdel Messaoudi

Identification of British English regional accents using fusion of i-vector and multi-accent phonotactic systems
Maryam Najafian, Saeid Safavi, Phil Weber, Martin Russell

Improvements on Deep Bottleneck Network based I-Vector Representation for Spoken Language Identification
Yan Song, Ruilian Cui, Mcloughlin Ian, Lirong Dai

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Keynote: Haizhou Li

Text-Dependent Speaker Verification

Speaker Recognition: i-vector approaches

Language Recognition

Special Session 1: Speaker Recognition in Multimedia Content

Keynote: Shrikanth Narayanan

Speaker and Language Recognition Systems

Speaker and Language Recognition: deep learning approaches

Speaker Recognition I

Special Session 2: NIST 2015 Language Recognition i-Vector Machine Learning Challenge

Keynote: Najim Dehak

Speaker Recognition II

Speaker Clustering and Diarization