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Models and Analysis of Vocal Emissions for Biomedical Applications

Florence, Italy
13-15 December 2007

Pathology Detection/Classification I, II

Physical and perceptual correlates of voice using acoustic analysis
Peter J. Murphy

The effect of visible speech on perceptual rating of pathological voices, and on correlation between perception and acoustics
Philippe H. Dejonckere, J. W. M. A. F. Martens, H. Versnel, M. B. J. Moerman

Automatic detection of voice impairments from text-dependent running speech using a discriminative approach
Juan Ignacio Godino-Llorente, Rubén Fraile, Nicolás Sáenz-Lechón, Víctor Osma-Ruiz, Pedro Gómez-Vilda

Early detection of voice diseases via a web-based system
F. Amato, Mario Cannataro, C. Cosentino, A. Garozzo, N. Lombardo, Claudia Manfredi, F. Montefusco, G. Tradigo, Pierangelo Veltri

Visualization of normal and pathological speech data
J. C. Goddard, F. M. Martínez, G. Schlotthauer, M. E. Torres, H. L. Rufiner

A clinical comparison between MDVP and Praat softwares: is there a difference?
O. Amir, M. Wolf, N. Amir

Detecting pathology in the glottal spectral signature of female voice
Pedro Gómez-Vilda, Roberto Fernández-Baíllo, R. Martínez, C. Muñoz, L. M. Mazaira, A. Álvarez, Juan Ignacio Godino-Llorente

A physiological basis for two group, healthy male voicing identified using spectral approximate entropy
C. J. Moore, Kathiresan Manickam, N. Slevin

Fuzzy wavelet packet based feature extraction method applied to pathological voice signals classification
B. S. Aghazadeh, H. Khadivi Heris, H. Ahmadi, M. Nikkhah-Bahrami

Multiple feature sets and genetic search based discrimination of pathological voices
M. Bacauskiene, Adas Gelzinis, M. Kaseta, M. Kovalenko, R. Pribuisiene, V. Uloza, Antanas Verikas

Poster Session

Advanced voice assessment. a prospective case-control study of jitter%, shimmer% and Qx%, glottis closure cohesion factor (spead by laryngograph ltd.) and long time average spectra
Mette Pedersen, Kasper Munck

Pre-post surgery evaluation based on the profile of glottal source
Roberto Fernández-Baíllo, Pedro Gómez-Vilda, C. Ramirez, B. Scola

Data warehouse for prosody features
Jana Krutišová, Jana Klečková

Detection of pathological diseases using a parametric model of vocal folds and neural networks
P. Chytil, Cheolwoo Jo, K. Drake, D. Graville, M. Wax, M. Pavel

Characterisation of cough sounds to monitor respiratory infections in intensive pig farming
Sara Ferrari, Mitchell Silva, Marcella Guarino, Daniel Berckmans

Use of a biomechanical tongue model to predict the impact of tongue surgery on speech production
Stéphanie Buchaillard, Muriel Brix, Pascal Perrier, Yohan Payan

Using nonverbal communication in dialog system
Jana Klečková, Jana Krutišová

Classification of pathological voice signals using self-similarity based wavelet packet feature extraction and Davies-bouldin criterion
H. Khadivi Heris, B. S. Aghazadeh, M. Nikkhah-Bahrami

SMS-FESTIVAL: a new TTS framework
Giacomo Sommavilla, Piero Cosi, Carlo Drioli, Giulio Paci

Properties of the cepstral peak prominence and its usefulness in vocal quality measurements
C. A. Ferrer, M. S. de Bodt, Y. Maryn, P. Van de Heyning, Maria E. Hernández-Díaz Huici

Correlates of temporal high-resolution formant analysis and glottal excitation in laryngeal dystonia before and after botulinum toxin treatment: a case study
Manfred Pützer, Wolfgang Wokurek

An experiment in vocal tract length estimation
A. Sitchi, Francis Grenez, Jean Schoentgen

Estimation of output-cost–ratio using an aeroelastic model of voice production
Jaromír Horáček, A.-M. Laukkanen, P. Šidlof

A system for parallel measurement of glottis opening and larynx position
Malte Kob, Tobias Frauenrath

A multi-purpose user-friendly voice analysis tool: application to lipofilling treatment
Claudia Manfredi, Giovanna Cantarella

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Pathology Detection/Classification I, II

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