ISCA Archive MAVEBA 2005
ISCA Archive MAVEBA 2005

Newborn's cry from risk and normal pregnancies

Mirjana Sovilj, Tatjana Adamovic, Misko Subotic, Nikoleta Stevovic

Previous researches of the prelingual period indicated that primal cry and the first cry represent the inception of verbal communication. The aim of this work was to study qualitative characteristics of crying of newborns from risk pregnancies and newborns from regular pregnancies in the function of prediction of verbal communication development. The research was carried out on the sample of N=10 babies divided into two groups, aged 15 days. E group (N=5) comprised newborns from risk pregnancies, and C group (N=5) comprised newborns from normal pregnancies. Crying in the examined sample was digitally recorded and spectrographically analyzed. The research results point to the possibility that certain acoustic characteristics of crying can be used in the prediction of verbal communication development and that the researches in this area should be intensified and continued.

Index Terms. newborn's cry, verbal communication, prelingual period, spectrographic analysis

Cite as: Sovilj, M., Adamovic, T., Subotic, M., Stevovic, N. (2005) Newborn's cry from risk and normal pregnancies. Proc. Models and Analysis of Vocal Emissions for Biomedical Applications (MAVEBA 2005), 101-104

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