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Laughter and Other Non-Verbal Vocalisations Workshop 2020

Bielefeld, Germany (online)
5 October 2020

Chairs: Bogdan Ludusan, Magdalena Rychlowska, Gary McKeown, and Petra Wagner

Regular papers

Laughter growing up
Chiara Mazzocconi, Jonathan Ginzburg

Acoustic vowel quality of filler particles in German
Malte Belz

A Semasiological Approach to Non-Lexical Conversational Sounds: Issues, Benefits and Impact
Aurélie Chlébowski

Social and acoustic determinants of subjective judgments of laughter intensity
Magdalena Rychlowska, Gary McKeown, Ian Sneddon, William Curran

Nonverbal Vocalisations – A Forensic Phonetic Perspective
Angelika Braun

Filled pauses and prolongations in Roman Italian task-oriented dialogue
Jessica Di Napoli

A Distributional Analysis of Laughter Across Turns and Utterances
Bogdan Ludusan, Maik Wesemann, Petra Wagner

Functions and social meanings of click sounds in Irish English
Marion Schulte

Laughing about laughter: comparing conversational analysis, emotion psychology, and dialogical semantics
Jonathan Ginzburg, Chiara Mazzocconi

Nonverbal Vocalizations as Speech: Characterizing Natural-Environment Audio from Nonverbal Individuals with Autism
Jaya Narain, Kristina Johnson, Amanda O'Brien, Peter Wofford, Pattie Maes, Rosalind Picard

L1 and L2 Production of Non-Lexical Hesitation Particles of German and English Native Speakers
Beeke Muhlack

Cross-Corpora Study of Smiles and Laughter Mimicry in Dyadic Interactions
Kevin El Haddad, Thierry Dutoit

Silent pauses as clarification trigger
Loredana Schettino, Maria Di Maro, Francesco Cutugno

LOL what?: Empirical study of laughter in chat based dialogues
Vladislav Maraev, Chiara Mazzocconi, Gregory Mills, Christine Howes

A Taxonomy of Non-verbal Responses to Gossip
Bronagh Allison, Gary McKeown

Posed and spontaneous nonverbal vocalizations of positive emotions: Acoustic analysis and perceptual judgments
Roza Kamiloğlu, Disa Sauter

Comparing Annotations of Non-verbal Vocalisations in Speech Corpora
Jürgen Trouvain, Raphael Werner

Analysis of Laughter in Cohesive Groups
Reshmashree Bangalore Kantharaju, Catherine Pelachaud

On the distribution of clicks and inbreaths in class presentations and spontaneous conversations: blending vocal and kinetic activities
Loulou Kosmala

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