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International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation

Hong Kong
6-7 December 2012

The IWSLT 2012 Evaluation Campaign

Overview of the IWSLT 2012 evaluation campaign
Marcello Federico, Mauro Cettolo, Luisa Bentivogli, Michael Paul, Sebastian Stüker

The NICT ASR system for IWSLT2012
Hitoshi Yamamoto, Youzheng Wu, Chien-Lin Huang, Xugang Lu, Paul R. Dixon, Shigeki Matsuda, Chiori Hori, Hideki Kashioka

The KIT translation systems for IWSLT 2012
Mohammed Mediani, Yuqi Zhang, Thanh-Le Ha, Jan Niehues, Eunah Cho, Teresa Herrmann, Rainer Kärgel, Alex Waibel

The UEDIN systems for the IWSLT 2012 evaluation
Eva Hasler, Peter Bell, Arnab Ghoshal, Barry Haddow, Philipp Koehn, Fergus McInnes, Steve Renals, Pawel Swietojanski

The NAIST machine translation system for IWSLT2012
Graham Neubig, Kevin Duh, Masaya Ogushi, Takatomo Kano, Tetsuo Kiso, Sakriani Sakti, Tomoki Toda, Satoshi Nakamura

FBK’s machine translation systems for IWSLT 2012’s TED lectures
Nicholas Ruiz, Arianna Bisazza, Roldano Cattoni, Marcello Federico

The RWTH Aachen speech recognition and machine translation system for IWSLT 2012
Stephan Peitz, Saab Mansour, Markus Freitag, Minwei Feng, Matthias Huck, Joern Wuebker, Malte Nuhn, Markus Nußbaum-Thom, Hermann Ney

The HIT-LTRC machine translation system for IWSLT 2012
Xiaoning Zhu, Yiming Cui, Conghui Zhu, Tiejun Zhao, Hailong Cao

FBK@IWSLT 2012 - ASR track
Daniele Falavigna, Roberto Gretter, Fabio Brugnara, Diego Giuliani

The 2012 KIT and KIT-NAIST English ASR systems for the IWSLT evaluation
Christian Saam, Christian Mohr, Kevin Kilgour, Michael Heck, Matthias Sperber, Keigo Kubo, Sebastian Stüker, Sakriani Sakti, Graham Neubig, Tomoki Toda, Satoshi Nakamura, Alex Waibel

The KIT-NAIST (contrastive) English ASR system for IWSLT 2012
Michael Heck, Keigo Kubo, Matthias Sperber, Sakriani Sakti, Sebastian Stüker, Christian Saam, Kevin Kilgour, Christian Mohr, Graham Neubig, Tomoki Toda, Satoshi Nakamura, Alex Waibel

EBMT system of kyoto university in OLYMPICS task at IWSLT 2012
Chenhui Chu, Toshiaki Nakazawa, Sadao Kurohashi

The LIG English to French machine translation system for IWSLT 2012
Laurent Besacier, Benjamin Lecouteux, Marwen Azouzi, Luong Ngoc Quang

The MIT-LL/AFRL IWSLT-2012 MT system
Jennifer Drexler, Wade Shen, Terry, Tim Anderson, Raymond Slyh, Brian Ore, Eric Hansen

Minimum Bayes-Risk decoding extended with similar examples: NAIST-NICT at IWSLT 2012
Hiroaki Shimizu, Masao Utiyama, Eiichiro Sumita, Satoshi Nakamura

The NICT translation system for IWSLT 2012
Andrew Finch, Ohnmar Htun, Eiichiro Sumita

TED Polish-to-English translation system for the IWSLT 2012
Krzysztof Marasek

Forest-to-string translation using binarized dependency forest for IWSLT 2012 OLYMPICS task
Hwidong Na, Jong-Hyeok Lee

Romanian to English automatic MT experiments at IWSLT12 (system description paper)
Ştefan Daniel Dumitrescu, Radu Ion, Dan Ştefǎnescu, Tiberiu Boroş, Dan Tufiş

The TÜBİTAK statistical machine translation system for IWSLT 2012
Coşkun Mermer, Hamza Kaya, İlknur Durgar El-Kahlout, Mehmet Uğur Doğan

Technical Papers

Active error detection and resolution for speech-to-speech translation
Rohit Prasad, Rohit Kumar, Sankaranarayanan Ananthakrishnan, Wei Chen, Sanjika Hewavitharana, Matthew Roy, Frederick Choi, Aaron Challenner, Enoch Kan, Arvind Neelakantan, Prem Natarajan

A method for translation of paralinguistic information
Takatomo Kano, Sakriani Sakti, Shinnosuke Takamichi, Graham Neubig, Tomoki Toda, Satoshi Nakamura

Continuous space language models using restricted Boltzmann machines
Jan Niehues, Alex Waibel

Focusing language models for automatic speech recognition
Daniele Falavigna, Roberto Gretter

Simulating human judgment in machine translation evaluation campaigns
Philipp Koehn

Semi-supervised transliteration mining from parallel and comparable corpora
Walid Aransa, Holger Schwenk, Loic Barrault

A simple and effective weighted phrase extraction for machine translation adaptation
Saab Mansour, Hermann Ney

Applications of data selection via cross-entropy difference for real-world statistical machine translation
Amittai Axelrod, QingJun Li, William D. Lewis

A universal approach to translating numerical and time expressions
Mei Tu, Yu Zhou, Chengqing Zong

Evaluation of interactive user corrections for lecture transcription
Henrich Kolkhorst, Kevin Kilgour, Sebastian Stüker, Alex Waibel

Factored recurrent neural network language model in TED lecture transcription
Youzheng Wu, Hitoshi Yamamoto, Xugang Lu, Shigeki Matsuda, Chiori Hori, Hideki Kashioka

Incremental adaptation using translation information and post-editing analysis
Frédéric Blain, Holger Schwenk, Jean Senellart

Interactive-predictive speech-enabled computer-assisted translation
Shahram Khadivi, Zeinab Vakil

MDI adaptation for the lazy: avoiding normalization in LM adaptation for lecture translation
Nicholas Ruiz, Marcello Federico

Segmentation and punctuation prediction in speech language translation using a monolingual translation system
Eunah Cho, Jan Niehues, Alex Waibel

Sequence labeling-based reordering model for phrase-based SMT
Minwei Feng, Jan-Thorsten Peter, Hermann Ney

Sparse lexicalised features and topic adaptation for SMT
Eva Hasler, Barry Haddow, Philipp Koehn

Spoken language translation using automatically transcribed text in training
Stephan Peitz, Simon Wiesler, Markus Nußbaum-Thom, Hermann Ney

Towards a better understanding of statistical post-edition usefulness
Marion Potet, Laurent Besacier, Hervé Blanchon, Marwen Azouzi

Towards contextual adaptation for any-text translation
Li Gong, Aurélien Max, François Yvon

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