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International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation

San Francisco, CA, USA
8-9 December 2011

Evaluation Campaign

Overview of the IWSLT 2011 evaluation campaign
Marcello Federico, Luisa Bentivogli, Michael Paul, Sebastian Stüker

The NICT ASR system for IWSLT2011
Kazuhiko Abe, Youzheng Wu, Chien-lin Huang, Paul R. Dixon, Shigeki Matsuda, Chiori Hori, Hideki Kashioka

The MIT-LL/AFRL IWSLT-2011 MT system
A. Ryan Aminzadeh, Tim Anderson, Ray Slyh, Brian Ore, Eric Hansen, Wade Shen, Jennifer Drexler, Terry Gleason

The DCU machine translation systems for IWSLT 2011
Pratyush Banerjee, Hala Almaghout, Sudip Naskar, Johann Roturier, Jie Jiang, Andy Way, Josef van Genabith

The NICT translation system for IWSLT 2011
Andrew Finch, Chooi-Ling Goh, Graham Neubig, Eiichiro Sumita

The MSR SYSTEM for IWSLT 2011 evaluation
Xiaodong He, Amittai Axelrod, Li Deng, Alex Acero, Mei-Yuh Hwang, Alisa Nguyen, Andrew Wang, Xiahui Huang

LIMSI's experiments in domain adaptation for IWSLT11
Thomas Lavergne, Alexandre Allauzen, Hai-Son Le, François Yvon

LIG English-French spoken language translation system for IWSLT 2011
Benjamin Lecouteux, Laurent Besacier, Hervé Blanchon

The KIT English-French translation systems for IWSLT 2011
Mohammed Mediani, Eunah Cho, Jan Niehues, Teresa Herrmann, Alex Waibel

LIUM's systems for the IWSLT 2011 speech translation tasks
Anthony Rousseau, Fethi Bougares, Paul Deléglise, Holger Schwenk, Yannick Estève

FBK @ IWSLT 2011
Nick Ruiz, Arianna Bisazza, F. Brugnara, D. Falavigna, D. Giuliani, S. Jaber, R. Gretter, Marcello Federico

The 2011 KIT English ASR system for the IWSLT evaluation
Sebastian Stüker, Kevin Kilgour, Christian Saam, Alex Waibel

DFKI's SC and MT submissions to IWSLT 2011
David Vilar, Eleftherios Avramidis, Maja Popović, Sabine Hunsicker

The RWTH Aachen machine translation system for IWSLT 2011
Joern Wuebker, Matthias Huck, Saab Mansour, Markus Freitag, Minwei Feng, Stephan Peitz, Christoph Schmidt, Hermann Ney

Advances on spoken language translation in the Quaero program
Karim Boudahmane, Bianka Buschbeck, Eunah Cho, Josep Maria Crego, Markus Freitag, Thomas Lavergne, Hermann Ney, Jan Niehues, Stephan Peitz, Jean Senellart, Artem Sokolov, Alex Waibel, Tonio Wandmacher, Joern Wuebker, François Yvon

Speech recognition for machine translation in Quaero
Lori Lamel, Sandrine Courcinous, Julien Despres, Jean-Luc Gauvain, Yvan Josse, Kevin Kilgour, Florian Kraft, Viet Bac Le, Hermann Ney, Markus Nußbaum-Thom, Ilya Oparin, Tim Schlippe, Ralf Schlüter, Tanja Schultz, Thiago Fraga da Silva, Sebastian Stüker, Martin Sundermeyer, Bianca Vieru, Ngoc Thang Vu, Alex Waibel, Cècile Woehrling

Protocol and lessons learnt from the production of parallel corpora for the evaluation of speech translation systems
Victoria Arranz, Olivier Hamon, Karim Boudahmane, Martine Garnier-Rizet

Fill-up versus interpolation methods for phrase-based SMT adaptation
Arianna Bisazza, Nick Ruiz, Marcello Federico

Semantic smoothing and fabrication of phrase pairs for SMT
Boxing Chen, Roland Kuhn, George Foster

SCFG latent annotation for machine translation
Tagyoung Chung, Licheng Fang, Daniel Gildea

Long-distance hierarchical structure transformation rules utilizing function words
Chenchen Ding, Takashi Inui, Mikio Yamamoto

Investigation on the effects of ASR tuning on speech translation performance
Paul R. Dixon, Andrew Finch, Chiori Hori, Hideki Kashioka

Extending a probabilistic phrase alignment approach for SMT
Mridul Gupta, Sanjika Hewavitharana, Stephan Vogel

Left language model state for syntactic machine translation
Kenneth Heafield, Hieu Hoang, Philipp Koehn, Tetsuo Kiso, Marcello Federico

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