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ISSP 2024 - 13th International Seminar on Speech Production

Autrans, France
13-17 May 2024

Cécile Fougeron and Pascal Perrier
doi: 10.21437/issp.2024

Disorders of speech motor control

Speech onset kinematics predict sentence level variability in adults who stutter
Torrey Loucks, Daniel Aalto

Chewing Efficiency and Oral developmental functions in Children with Oral- and Speech Motor Disorders Compared to Peers
Helena Björelius, Jonny Trang, Fredrik Johansson, Georgios Tsilingaridis, Royne Thorman, Hayo Terband

Music in the treatment of childhood motor speech disorders: Using music to cue gestural timing
Mirjam van Tellingen, Joost Hurkmans, Anne Marie van de Zande, Hayo Terband, Ben A. Maassen, Roel Jonkers

The Impact of Electromagnetic Articulography Sensors on the Articulatory Acoustic Vowel Space in Speakers with and without Parkinson's Disease
Thomas B Tienkamp, Teja Rebernik, Jidde Jacobi, Martijn Wieling, Defne Abur

The Effect of Speaking Style on the Articulatory-Acoustic Vowel Space in Individuals with Tongue Cancer Before and After Surgical Treatment
Thomas B Tienkamp, Teja Rebernik, Raoul Buurke, Katharina M. Polsterer, Rob van Son, Martijn Wieling, Max J. H. Witjes, Sebastiaan de Visscher, Defne Abur

Assessing differences in articulatory-acoustic vowel space in Parkinson's disease phenotypes
Nikki Hoekzema, Teja Rebernik, Thomas B Tienkamp, Sasha Chaboksavar, Valentina Ciot, Annetje Gleichman, Roel Jonkers, Aude Noiray, Martijn Wieling

The effect of concurrent linguistic and nonlinguistic task on speech motor performance in Parkinson's Disease
Hanna Rakhangi, Dema Herzallah, Olumide Oyebode, Jennifer Peterson, Caroline Menezes

The Role of Executive Functions and Levodopa on Articulatory Timing
Elisa Herbig, Tabea Thies, Michael Barbe, Doris Mücke

Spatiotemporal Coupling of the Jaw and Lower Lip: Comparing Talkers with Parkinson's Disease and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Mili Kuruvilla-Dugdale, Antje Mefferd

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