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International Symposium on Chinese Spoken Language Processing

Kent Ridge, Singapore
13-16 December 2006
Some of the papers presented were subsequently published as LNAI 4724 by Springer. These are not included here.

Speech Analysis, Enhancement, Coding And Synthesis

Acoustic Analysis of Emotional Speech in Mandarin Chinese
Sheng Zhang, P. C. Ching, Fanrang Kong

Investigation on Pleasure Related Acoustic Features of Affective Speech
Dandan Cui, Lianhong Cai, Yongxin Wang, Xiaozhou Zhang

Comparison of News Announcing and Talking Styles in Broadcast Speech
Yu Zou, Xiaohua Li, Min Hou, Anna

Multi-Pitch Detection for Co-Channel Speech Utilizing Frequency Channel Piecewise Integration and Morphological Feedback Verification Tracking
Yong Guan, Peng Li, Wenju Liu, Bo Xu

A New Approach for Speech/Music Discrimination Based on Cepstral Distance
Mu-Yeol Choi, Seul-Han Park, Hwa Jeon Song, Hyung Soon Kim

Speaker Diarization System Based on GMM and BIC
Tantan Liu, Xiaoxing Liu, Yonghong Yan

A Robust Acoustic Echo Canceller for Noisy Environment
Shenghao Qin, Sha Meng, Jia Liu

Short-Time ICA for Blind Separation of Noisy Speech
Jing Zhang, P. C. Ching

A Closed-loop Multimode Variable Bit Rate Characteristic Waveform Interpolation Coder
Jing Wang, Jingming Kuang, Shenghui Zhao

A Low-complexity Improved WI Speech Coding at 2kbps
Fengyan Qi, Changchun Bao

Modular Text-to-Speech Synthesis Evaluation for Mandarin Chinese
Jilei Tian, Jani Nurminen, Imre Kiss

State-Correlated Duration Model for HMM-Based Speech Synthesis System
Xiaocui Li, Heng Kang, Wenju Liu

A Diphone Sharing Method Towards Scalable Unit-training-based TTS
Jian Li, Xiaoyan Lou, Jie Hao, Lifu Yi

A Unified Totally-Data-Driven Framework for Duration and Intonation Modeling
Lifu Yi, Jian Li, Xiaoyan Lou, Jie Hao

Pitch Prediction for Mandarin TTS with Mutual Prosodic Constraint
Jian Yu, Jianhua Tao, Xia Wang

Prosodic Word Grouping in Mandarin TTS System
Qing Guo, Endong Xun, Nobuyuki Katae

An Initial System for Integrated Synthesis of Mandarin, Min-nan, and Hakka Speech
Hung-Yan Gu, Yan-Zuo Zhou, Huang-Liang Liau

Spectral Continuity Measures at Mandarin Syllable Boundaries
Jun Xu, Lianhong Cai

A Multi-stage Method for Text-To-Pronunciation Conversion
Ching-Hsien Lee, Ren-Jr Wang, Chung-Jen Chiu

Decision Tree Classification Approach for Model Selection in Segmenting Mandarin TTS Corpus
Xiaoliang Yuan, Yuan Dong, Dezhi Huang, Jun Guo, Haila Wang

Topics In Spoken Language Processing

Evaluation of Aspiration Sounds of Chinese Labial and Alveolar Diphthong Uttered by Japanese Students Using Voice Onset Time and Breathing Power
Akemi Hoshino, Akio Yasuda

Contrastive Study on Tonal Patterns Between Accented and Standard Chinese
Aijun Li, Ziyu Xiong, Xia Wang

Mismatch Negativity Elicited by Non-cluster and Cluster Consonants Changes in Thai Words in Humans
Wichian Sittiprapaporn, Usanee Sotthiwat, Chittin Chindaduangratn, Naiphinich Kotchabhakdi

F0 Analysis of Chinese Accented German Speech
Hongwei Ding, Oliver Jokisch, Ruiger Hoffmann

Automatic Scoring of Flat Tongue and Raised Tongue in Computer-assisted Mandarin Learning
Bin Dong, Qingwei Zhao, Yonghong Yan

Improvements in Tone Pronunciation Scoring for Strongly Accented Mandarin Speech
Fuping Pan, Qingwei Zhao, Yonghong Yan

The Application of Phone Weight in Putonghua Pronunciation Quality Assessment
Qingsheng Liu, Si Wei, Yu Hu, Wu Guo, Renhua Wang

SpeechQoogle: An Open-Domain Question Answering System with Speech Interface
Guoping Hu, Dan Liu, Qingfeng Liu, Renhua Wang

Research and Analysis of Fast Training in SVM-based Audio Classification
Shilei Zhang, Hongchen Jiang, Shuwu Zhang, Bo Xu

An Efficient and Robust Approach to Audio ID Identification
Ming Li, Jian Liu, Yonghong Yan

Robust Speech-Annotated Photo Retrieval Using Syllable-Transformed Patterns
Chien-Lin Huang, Wei-Chuan Lee, Chung-Hsien Wu

Two-layer Distance Scheme in Matching Engine for Query by Humming System
Feng Zhang, Yan Song, Lirong Dai, Renhua Wang

A Top-down Approach to Melody Match in Pitch Contour for Query by Humming
Xiao Wu, Ming Li, Jian Liu, Jun Yang, Yonghong Yan

Multi-accented Mandarin Database Construction and Benchmark Evaluations
Xiang Yan, Lei He, Pei Ding, Rui Zhao, Jie Hao

Speech Recognition

EM Algorithm with Split and Merge in Trajectory Clustering for Automatic Speech Recognition
Yan Han, Lou Boves

Sausage-net-based Minimum Phone Error Training for Continuous Phone Recognition
Jiang-Chun Chen, Chun-Jen Lee, Shuo-Pin Hsu, J.-S. Roger Jang

Training Discriminative HMM by Optimal Allocation of Gaussian Kernels
Zhijie Yan, Peng Liu, Jun Du, Frank Soong, Renhua Wang

Recognition of Emotional Speech and Speech Emotion in Farsi
Davood Gharavian, S.M. Ahadi

Monte Carlo Noisy HMM Estimation and Segmental Differential Features on the Aurora2 Clean Training Evaluation
Jing-Teng Zeng, Cheng-Chang Lee, Jeng-Shien Lin, Yuan-Fu Liao, Sen-Chia Chang

Optimizing the Implementation of MMSE Enhancement for Robust Speech Recognition
Pei Ding, Lei He, Xiang Yan, Rui Zhao, Jie Hao

Speech Endpoint Detection Based on Sub-band Energy and Harmonic Structure of Voice
Yanmeng Guo, Qiang Fu, Yonghong Yan

Improving the Robustness of LPCC Feature Against Impulsive Noise by Applying the FOP Method
Pei Ding

A Low-Cost Robust Front-end for Embedded ASR System
Lihui Guo, Xin He, Yue Lu, Yaxin Zhang

A Comparative Study on Confidence Measure in Mandarin Command Word Recognition
Cong Liu, Zhijie Yan, Yu Hu, Renhua Wang

Speaker Adaptation Using Projection to Latent Structure Algorithm
Jingying Wang, Zuoying Wang

Unvoiced Landmark Detection for Segment-based Mandarin Continuous Speech Recognition
Hua Zhang, Yun Tang, Wenju Liu, Bo Xu

Experimental Investigation into Alignment-based Acoustic Confidence Measures in Keyword Verification for Mandarin Speech
Yiyan Liu, Yingchun Yang, Zhenyu Shan

Speaker, Vocabulary and Context Independent Word Spotting System for Continuous Speech
Radu Timofte, Ville Hautamaki, Pasi Franti

Keyword Spotting Based on Phoneme Confusion Matrix
Pengyuan Zhang, Jian Shao, Jiang Han, Zhaojie Liu, Yonghong Yan

Performance Evaluation of Non-Keyword Modeling for Vocabulary-Independent Keyword Spotting
Young Kuk Kim, Hwa Jeon Song, Hyung Soon Kim

DOE and ANOVA based Performance Influencing Factor Analysis for Evaluation of Speech Recognition Systems
Xiangdong Wang, Feng Xie, Shouxun Lin, Yuelian Qian, Qun Liu

Full Utilization of Closed-captions in Broadcast News Recognition
Meng Meng, Shijin Wang, Jiaen Liang, Peng Ding, Bo Xu

Integrating Hypotheses of Multiple Recognizers for Improving Mandarin LVCSR Performance
Yu Shi, Frank Soong, Jian-Lai Zhou

English Alphabet Recognition Based on Chinese Acoustic Modeling
Linquan Liu, Thomas Fang Zheng, Wenhu Wu

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Speech Analysis, Enhancement, Coding And Synthesis

Topics In Spoken Language Processing

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