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International Symposium on Chinese Spoken Language Processing

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
15-18 December 2004

Topics In Spoken Language Processing

Dependence of Correct Pronunciation of Chinese Aspirated Sounds on Power During Voice Onset Time
Akemi Hoshino

Effect of Japanese Articulation of Stops on Pronunciation of Chinese Aspirated Sounds by Japanese Students
Akemi Hoshino, Akio Yassuda

Taiwan Mandarin -- Does It Remain Homogeneous?
Huiju Hsu

Contributions of Periodicity Fluctuation Cues in Individual Frequency Channels to Chinese Speech Recognition
Xin Luo, QianJie Fu

Automatic Assessment of Pronunciation Quality
Bin Dong, Qingwei Zhao, Jianping Zhang, Yonghong Yan

Quantization of Sew and Rew Magnitude for 2 Kb/S Waveform Interpolation Speech Coding
Jing Li, Changchun Bao

Low Complexity Decomposition for the Characteristic Waveform of Speech Signal
Guiping Wang, Changchun Bao

High Quality Harmonic Excitation Linear Predictive Speech Coding at 2 Kb/S
Changchun Bao, Jason Lukasiak, Christian Ritz

An Improved 4 Kbit/S Celp Speech Coding Algorithm
Yanning Bai, Changchun Bao

An Embedded English Synthesis Approach based on Speech Concatenation and Smoothing

Hearer Model based Stress Prediction for Chinese TTS System
GuoPing Hu, QingFeng Liu, Yu Hu, RenHua Wang

Grapheme-To-Phoneme Conversion in Chinese TTS System
Honghui Dong, Jianhua Tao, Bo Xu

A Mandarin TTS System with an Integrated Prosodic Model
ShaoHuang Pin, Yongcheng Chen, Hsinmin Wang, Chiuyu Tseng

Predicting Prosodic Words from Lexical Words--A First Step Towards Predicting Prosody from Text
HuaJui Peng, Chiching Chen, Chiuyu Tseng, Kehjiann Chen

A Superposed Prosodic Model for Chinese Text-To-Speech Synthesis
GaoPeng Chen, Gerard Bailly, QingFeng Liu, RenHua Wang

Improving the Performance of MGM-Based Voice Conversion by Preparing Training Data Method
Guoyu Zuo, Wenju Liu, Xiaogang Ruan

Analysis and Synthesis of Cantonese F0 Contours based on the Command-Response Model
Wentao Gu, Keikichi Hirose, Hiroya Fujisaki

The Disambiguation Strategies of Semantic Analysis in Chinese Spoken Dialogue System
Bei Liu, Limin Du

Bilingual Response Generation using Semi-Automatically-Induced Templates for a Mixed-Initiative Dialog System
Wing Lin Yip, Helen Meng

Development of A Chinese Telephony Conversational Corpus for Speech Processing
Yi Liu, Pascale Fung, Shudong Huang, Chris Cieri, Lufeng Zhai, Benfeng Chen

Recognition Of Speech, Speaker and Language

Trigram Duration Modeling in Speech Recognition
Yun Tang, Wenju Liu, Bo Xu

A System for Mandarin Short Phrase Recognition on Portable Devices
Chao Xu, Yi Liu, Yongsheng Yang, Pascale Fung, Zhigang Cao

Tone Recognition for Chinese Speech: A Comparative Study of Mandarin and Cantonese
Gang Peng, Hongying Zheng, William S.Y. Wang

Chinese-English Mixed-Lingual Keyword Spotting
ShanRuei You, ShihChieh Chien, ChihHsing Hsu, KeShiu Chen, JiaJang Tu, Jeng Shien Lin, SenChia Chang

An Acoustic-Phonetic Analysis of Large Vocabulary Continuous Mandarin Speech Recognition for Non-Native Speakers
Jian Yang, Yuanyuan Pu, Hong Wei

Feature Masking in an Embedded Mandarin Speech Recognition System
Yuezhong Tang, Xia Wang, Yang Cao, Feng Ding

Energy Contour Enhancement for Noisy Speech Recognition
TaiHwei Hwang, SenChia Chang

Double Gaussian based Feature Normalization for Robust Speech Recognition
Bo Liu, LiRong Dai, JinYu Li, RenHua Wang

A Study on Mandarin Broadcast News Speech Recognition
C.L. Chen, Y.R. Wang, S.H. Chen

Task-Specific Adaptation in Chinese Name Recognition
GuoHong Ding, Bo Xu, Xia Wang, Yang Cao, Feng Ding, Yuezhong Tang

Integrating Tonal Information into Mandarin Name Recognition with Different Strategies
Dongsheng Luo, Xiang Xie, Jingming Kuang

Discriminative Transform for Confidence Estimation in Mandarin Speech Recognition
Gang Guo, RenHua Wang

An Investigation into Subspace Rapid Speaker Adaptaion
Michael Zhang, Jun Xu

On Noise Robustness of Dynamic and Static Features for Continuous Cantonese Digit Recognition
Chen Yang, Frank K. Soong, Tan Lee

A Two-Step Keyword Spotting Method based on Context-Dependent A Posteriori Probability
Thomas Fang Zheng, Jing Li, Zhanjiang Song, Mingxing Xu

A Method of Estimating the Equal Error Rate for Automatic Speaker Verification
JyhMin Cheng, HsiaoChuan Wang

Text-Independent Speaker Identification using GMM-UBM and Frame Level Likelihood Normalization
Rong Zheng, Shuwu Zhang, Bo Xu

Detection of Language Boundary in Code-Switching Utterances by Bi-Phone Probabilities
Joyce Y.C. Chan, P.C. Ching, Tan Lee, Helen Meng

Cantonese Verbal Information Verification System using GMM-Based Anti-Model
Chao Qin, Tan Lee

Emotion Recognition from Mandarin Speech Signals
TsangLong Pao, YuTe Chen, JunHeng Yeh

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