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International Symposium on Applied Phonetics

Nagoya, Japan
25-28 March 2016

Chair: Toshiko Isei-Jaakkola
doi: 10.21437/ISAPh.2016

Selected Papers

A Corpus-based Analysis of Shadowing Speech: Case of L2 English by Japanese Learners
Shuju Shi, Nobuaki Minematsu, Yutaka Yamauchi

A Survey of Japanese English Teachers' Attitudes Towards Pronunciation Teaching and Knowledge on Phonetics: Confidence and Teaching
Yoko Uchida, Junko Sugimoto

A Variety of English Accents Used in Teaching Materials Targeting Japanese Learners
Junko Sugimoto, Yoko Uchida

An Acoustic Analysis on the Allotonic Variation of the Initial Rise in Tokyo Japanese in Native Speakers and Learners
Hsiang-Yu Lei

Comparing Instructional Reinforcements in Phonetics Pedagogy
Jennifer Abel, Heather Bliss, Bryan Gick, Masaki Noguchi, Murray Schellenberg, Noriko Yamane

Gender-related Frequency Characteristics in Children’s Speech
Wai-Sum Lee

Japanese Listeners’ Perception of American English Intervocalic /l/, /r/ and Flapped /t/
Tomohiko Ooigawa

Optimizing Pronunciation and Prosody Teaching in Second Language Learning
Li-chiung Yang

Perception of American and Australian English “can” and “can’t” by Japanese Listeners:How to Teach “can” and “can’t”
Kinuko Takahashi, Tomohiko Ooigawa

The Effects of the Nasal Duration and the Position of the Moraic Nasals on the Perception of /N/: A Study of TJL2
Chieh-hsin Hsu, Hsin-yi Hung

Perception of Prosodic Social Affects in Japanese by American Learners of Japanese
Marine Guerry, Takaaki Shochi, Albert Rilliard, Donna Erickson

SIP (Simplicity, Imagination and Physicality): A Teaching Approach for Improving Student Engagement and Learning Outcomes in the Pronunciation Classroom
Marcellus Nealy

Teacher Training and Approaches to EFL Pronunciation Teaching
Katsuya Yokomoto

Teaching an Undergraduate Course on French Phonetics in the Era of Globalization : Complex Concerns
Gladys E. Saunders

The Effectiveness of Using IPA in Early English Phonetic Education to Japanese Preschoolers
Michelle Ma Ka Wah

The Use of 2D Real-Time Visual Feedback Software in Foreign Vowel Sound Production Training
Nobuhisa Hiraishi

Using Venn Diagram and Sensory Integration in Chinese EFL Learners’ Pronunciation Drill
Renshuang Song

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