ISCA Archive IDS 2002
ISCA Archive IDS 2002

Multimodal dialog in a mobile pedestrian navigation system

Christian Müller

This paper describes the outlines of a multimodal interface to a mobile pedestrian navigation system. First it provides a short description of the system REAL that consists of an indoor component (IRREAL) and an outdoor component (ARREAL). Currently the interaction of both is limited to unimodality (manual input and graphical output). The remainder of the paper describes an approach on how to obtain a multimodal interface. On the input side we use a combination of pen and voice. On the output side the graphical path descriptions are augmented by synthesized speech. When planning the multimodal dialog we discriminate between two different user groups: average aged adults and the elderly. Our investigations are focused on how to optimize the system’s behaviour to the special needs of these user groups. Finally, the paper briefly describes two approaches that are investigated within this project: using speaker clustering techniques to build up a user model and 3D audio spatialization as an additional navigation cue.

Cite as: Müller, C. (2002) Multimodal dialog in a mobile pedestrian navigation system. Proc. Multi-Modal Dialogue in Mobile Environments, paper 14

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