ISCA Archive IDS 2002
ISCA Archive IDS 2002

LARRI: A language-based maintenance and repair assistant

Dan Bohus, Alex Rudnicky

LARRI (Language-based Agent for Retrieval of Repair Information) is a dialog-based system for support of maintenance and repair do- mains, characterized by large amounts of documentation and by pro- cedural information. LARRI is based on an architecture developed by Carnegie Mellon University for the DARPA Communicator program and is integrated with a wearable computer system developed by the Wearable Computing group at Carnegie Mellon University. LARRI adapts a dialog-management architecture developed and optimized for a telephone-based problem solving task (travel planning), and applies it to a very different domain-aircraft maintenance. The system was taken on a field trial on two occasions where it was used by profes- sional aircraft mechanics. We found that our architecture, AGENDA, extended readily to a multi-modal and multi-media framework. At the same time we found that assumptions that were reasonable in a services domain turn out to be inappropriate for a maintenance domain. Apart from the need to manage integration between input modes and output modalities, we found that the system needed to support multiple cat- egories of tasks and that a different balance between user and system goals was required. A significant problem in the maintenance domain is the need to assimilate and make available for language processing appropriate domain information.

Cite as: Bohus, D., Rudnicky, A. (2002) LARRI: A language-based maintenance and repair assistant. Proc. Multi-Modal Dialogue in Mobile Environments, paper 44

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