ISCA Archive IDS 2002
ISCA Archive IDS 2002

Single- and two-channel noise reduction for robust speech recognition

Stefanie Aalburg, Christophe Beaugeant, Sorel Stan, Tim Fingscheidt, Radu Balan, Justinian Rosca

Hands-free operation of a mobile phone in car raises major challenges for acoustic enhancement algorithms and speech recognition engines. This is due to a degradation of the speech signal caused by reverberation effects and engine noise. In a typical mobile phone/carkit configuration only the car-kit microphone is used. A legitimate question is whether it is possible to improve the useful signal using the input from the second microphone, namely the microphone of the mobile terminal.

In this paper we show that a speech enhancement algorithm specifically developed for two input channels significantly increases the word recognition rates in comparison with single-channel noise reduction techniques.

Cite as: Aalburg, S., Beaugeant, C., Stan, S., Fingscheidt, T., Balan, R., Rosca, J. (2002) Single- and two-channel noise reduction for robust speech recognition. Proc. Multi-Modal Dialogue in Mobile Environments, paper 18

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