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4th ITRW on Experimental Linguistics

Paris, France
25-27 May 2011

Regular Papers

Qualitatively similar automatic semantic priming in native nnd non-native speakers
Carrie A. Ankerstein

Structural priming and the phrasal/clausal distinction: the case of concealed questions
Gözde Bahadır, Maria Polinsky

Syntactic recursion and theory-of-mind reasoning in agrammatic aphasia
Zoltán Bánréti, Éva Mészáros

Recursion in language, theory-of-mind inference and arithmetic: aphasia and Alzheimer's disease
Zoltán Bánréti, Éva Mészáros, Ildikó Hoffmann, Zita Őrley

Linguistic and non-linguistic investigation of motion events
Ayşe Betül Toplu, Deniz Zeyrek

Semantic priming at the sentence level: causal vs. purposive because
Joanna Blochowiak, Gözde Bahadır

Subject gaps in German coordinative structures - empirical evidence for a gradient phenomenon
Petra-Kristin Bonitz, Anke Holler

Prosody and quantifier semantics in Greek
Antonis Botinis, Aikaterini Bakakou-Orphanou, Anthi Chaida

Phonology and phonetics of Greek palatalisation
Antonis Botinis, Anthi Chaida, Evgenia Magoula

Perception of French, Belgian and Swiss accents by French and Belgian listeners
Philippe Boula de Mareüil, Alice Bardiaux

Evaluating speech samples designed for the Voice Profile Analysis Scheme for Brazilian Portuguese (BP-VPAS)
Zuleica Antonia de Camargo, Sandra Madureira, Luiz Carlos Rusilo

Dynamic differences in child bilinguals' production of diphthongs
Vincent Chanethom

Processing Russian inflectional morphology: a PET study of verb generation
Tatiana Chernigovskaya, Kira Gor, Galina Kataeva, Alexander Korotkov, Maxim Kireev, Kristina Memetova, Svyatoslav Medvedev

The terminal contour of Italian semi-spontaneous instructions
Domenico Di Russo

Models or strategies? on the perception of ambiguous words
Anzhelika Dubasova

Spectral properties of fricatives: a forensic approach
Natalie Fecher

Vocabulary learning strategies among advanced Turkish learners
Ioannis Galantomos

Vowel-colour associations in non-synesthetes: a study with Spanish and Arabic participants
Pilar Mompeán Guillamón

The tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon: search strategy and resolution during word finding difficulties
Nina Jeanette Hofferberth

L2 Greek morphological agreement
Sviatlana Karpava

Perceptual and lexical priming of syntactic construction in young children
Meesook Kim

Time selected multiple algorithms for reliable f0 tracking in difficult recording conditions
Philippe Martin

Towards a mental representation of vowel height in SSBE speakers
Kevin Mendousse

Prosodic patterns in child speech
Roksolana Mykhaylyk

Tonal and syntactic correlates of focus perception in Greek and Russian
Olga Nikolaenkova

Production of Greek and Turkish vowels by bilingual speakers
Elina Nirgianaki, Ougour Chasan, Evgenia Magoula

The validity of some acoustic measures to predict voice quality settings: trends between acoustic and perceptual correlates of voice quality
Luiz Carlos Rusilo, Zuleica Antonia de Camargo, Sandra Madureira

Lexical stress in modern Halh Mongolian
Yumei Sang

Pretonic schwa reduction in dutch: frequency effects interact with phonotactics
Marjoleine Sloos

Typology and spatial cognition in English, French and Greek: evidence from eye-tracking
Efstathia Soroli

The processing of asymmetric and symmetric sentential conjunction
Ellen Thompson, Javier Collado, Maria Omana, Amanda Yousuf-Little

Identifications of speaker-ethnicity: attribution accuracy in changeable settings
Richard Todd

Participle agreement and clitic omission
Vicenç Torrens

High functioning autism and prosody of sentence types in Greek: a case study
Maria Tripolitou, Anthi Chaida

Metacommunicative devices in spoken discourse as part of processing distributed cognitive tasks
Ilya Utekhin, Tatiana Chernigovskaya

Perceptual level of intonation in whispered voice
Géraldine Vercherand

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