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2nd ITRW on Experimental Linguistics

Athens, Greece
25-27 August 2008


Discourse markers and L2 listening: do computers make a difference in L2 listening comprehension?
Nuray Alagözlü

Word category and prosodic emphasis in dialog modules of speech technology applications
Christina Alexandris

Saudi accented Arabic voice bank
Mansour Alghamdi, Fayez Alhargan, Mohamed Alkanhal, Ashraf Alkhairy, Munir Eldesouki, Ammar Alenazi

A new Arabic stemming algorithm
Eiman Tamah AlShammari, Jessica Lin

Neurolinguistic aspects of metaphor theory
Georgia Andreou, Ioannis Galantomos

Prosodic variation in L2: a case of Germans speaking English
Volha Anufryk, Matthias Jilka, Grzegorz Dogil

The influence of top-down expectations on the perception of syllable prominence
Denis Arnold, Petra Wagner

Overspecification in action-oriented discourse: task importance affects the production of overspecifications and overspecifications increase identification efficiency in perception
Anja Arts, Alfons Maes, Leo Noordman, Carel Jansen

Prosodic phrasing in German sentence production: optimal length vs. argument structure
Petra Augurzky

Coarticulation in non-native speakers of English: /.lv/-sequences in non-proficient vs. proficient learners
Henrike Baumotte, Grzegorz Dogil

Rhythm and stress intervals in Greek and Russian
Antonis Botinis, Marios Fourakis, Olga Nikolaenkova

Investigations of speech segmentation: addressing the writing bias in language research
Victor J. Boucher, Annie C. Gilbert

Two sources of voicing neutralization in Lithuanian
Rebeka Campos-Astorkiza

Stress assignment in Brazilian Portuguese: a usage-based approach
Maria Cantoni

The temporal structure of professional speaking styles in Brazilian Portuguese
Luciana Castro, João Antônio de Moraes

Prosodic perception of sentence types in Greek
Anthi Chaida

Classification by discriminant analysis of the energy in view of the detection of accentuated syllable in standard Arabic
Amina Chentir, Mhania Guerti, Daniel Hirst

The identification of the place of articulation in coda stops as a function of the preceding vowel: a cross-linguistic study
Man-ni Chu, Carlos Gussenhoven, Roeland van Hout

Reading mathematical exercises: preliminary results
Deolinda Correia, Isabel Hub Faria, Paula Luegi

Prosody in read aloud text: relation with information status, content type and boundary strength
Hanny den Ouden, Carel van Wijk

Imperatives in European Portuguese: a perception approach
Isabel Falé

Nasometric values for European Portuguese: preliminary results
Isabel Falé, Isabel Hub Faria

Priming effect on word reading and recall
Isabel Hub Faria, Paula Luegi

Formulaic expressions in language technology
María Fernández-Parra

Continuation tunes in two central varieties of Italian: phonetic patterns and phonological issues
Rosa Giordano

Model-based duration analysis on English natives and Thai learners
Chatchawarn Hansakunbuntheung, Hiroaki Kato, Yoshinori Sagisaka

Lexicalization of natural actions and cross-linguistic stability
Paul E. Hemeren, Sofia Kasviki, Barbara Gawronska

deep and raspy or "high and squeaky": a cross-linguistic study of voice perception and voice labeling
Begoña Payá Herrero

The effect of focus on lexical tones in Vietnamese
Stefanie Jannedy

MORPHEMIA: a semi-supervised algorithm for the segmentation of modern Greek words into morphemes
Constandinos Kalimeris, Stelios Bakamidis

The acquisition of temporal categorical perception by Japanese second language learners
Naoko Kinoshita

Tongue movements and syllable onset complexity: ultrasound study
Tanja Kocjancic

The prosodic and nonverbal deficiencies of French- and Finnish-speaking persons with Asperger syndrome
Mari Lehtinen

The effectiveness of auditory phonetic training on Greek native speakers² perception and production of southern British English vowels
Angelos Lengeris

Phonetic convergence and language talent within native-nonnative interactions
Natalie Lewandowski, Travis Wade, Grzegorz Dogil

A comparison of Taiwanese sign language and manually coded Chinese: word length and short-term memory capacity
Hsiu-Tan Liu, Chin-Hsing Tseng, Chun-Jung Liu

The role of animacy in the production of greek relative clauses
Sofia Loui, Silvia P. Gennari

Acoustic model of stress in standard Greek and Greek dialects
Anastassia Loukina

Using F2 transition parameters in distinguishing Persian affricates from homorganic consonants
Zahra Mahmoodzade, Mahmoud Bijankhan

Intonation of parentheses in spontaneous French sentences
Philippe Martin

Perception of consonant clusters in Japanese native speakers: influence of foreign language learning
Hinako Masuda, Takayuki Arai

How are words reduced in spontaneous speech?
Holger Mitterer

Phonological free variation in English: an empirical study
Jose A. Mompean

Interaction of phonetics, phonology, and sociophonology - illustrated by the vowels of standard Austrian German
Sylvia Moosmüller

PENS: a confidence parameter estimating the number of speakers
Siham Ouamour, Mhania Guerti, Halim Sayoud

Phoneme classification using the Hartley phase spectrum
Ioannis Paraskevas, Maria Rangoussi

The influence of music education and training on SLA
Barbara Pastuszek-Lipiñska

Rhythmic analysis and quantitative measures: the essence of rhythm as temporal patterning
Michela Russo

Compensatory lengthening in Persian: the timing of non-modal phonation
Vahid Sadeghi

Faster time-aligned phonetic transcriptions through partial automation
Ben Serridge, Luciana Castro

The effects of the acoustic properties of second language vowel production on pronunciation evaluation
Chris Sheppard

Frequency effects in language acquisition: a case study of plural forms in Brazilian Portuguese
Thais Cristófaro Silva, Christina Abreu Gomes

Factors influencing perceptual attainment of Japanese geminate consonants by Korean learners of Japanese
Mee Sonu

Receptive and productive skills of English /l/ and /r/ by Japanese college students in relation to their motivation
Yuichi Todaka

Objective evaluation of second language learner²s translation proficiency using statistical translation measures
Hajime Tsubaki, Keiji Yasuda, Hirofumi Yamamoto, Yoshinori Sagisaka

Automatic labeling of prosody
Agnieszka Wagner

Name dominance in spoken word recognition is (not) modulated by expectations: evidence from synonyms
Andrea Weber, Alissa Melinger

Vocal stereotypes
Melanie Weirich

Does uncertainty effect the case of exhaustive interpretation?
Charlotte Wollermann, Bernhard Schröder

sounds like a rainbow - sound-colour mappings in vowel perception
Magdalena Wrembel, Karolina Rataj

Focus effects on syllable duration in Cypriot Greek
Charalabos Themistocleous

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