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European Conference on Speech Technology

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
1-4 September 1987
doi: 10.21437/ECST.1987

Speech Recognition

Linguistic control in speech recognition
J. H. Wright

Automatic speech recognition using artificial intelligence methods
V. Walsh, H. R. Taylor

The PIVOT parser
Grzegorz Dogil

Speech recognition based on speech units
G. Zanellato

The role of phonetic features in machine recognition and human recognition of (hindi) vowels
S. S. Agrawal, M. Ganesan, A. M. Ansari, K. D. Pavate

Phoneme-based continuous speech recognition without pre-segmentation
Yifan Gong, Jean-Paul Haton

Acoustic-articulatory information in a speech data base
Denis Autesserre, C. Barrera, Robert Espesser, Guy Perennou, Mario Rossi, Bernard Teston, Nadine Vigouroux

The place of cues for the recognition of consonants
J. Bakran

Audio feedback for error correction in a digit recognition task
William A. Ainsworth

Generic issues in dialogue design for speech input/output
R. G. Leiser, M. de Alberdi, D. J. Carr

Automatic speech recognition: the user's view
A. F. Starr, S. M. Hudson, Dylan M. Jones, Clive R. Frankish

Automatic speech recognition using peripheral auditory modelling and a PDP approach to classification
Stephen Renals, Mark Terry

Speech variability in high performance rotary wing aircraft
M. R. Taylor, D. R. Tincello, C. Leeks, I. Bickerton

A compact low-cost speech recognition system
A. Aktas, L. Glaßer, B. Kammerer, W. Küpper, M. Schlang

On the application of associative method to Chinese connected digit recognition
Wang Jiu-Long, Yuan Xue-Gong, Zhao Guo-Tian

Using condensed nearest neighbor rule for speaker independent word recognition
N. Yalabik, A. Mansur

On isolated words recognition systems using time defendant linear prediction
A. Torices-Arguelles, Antonio J. Rubio-Ayuso

An algorithm for increasing speed in dynamic time warping
J. A. S. Angus, M. T. Whitaker

An efficient technique for isolated word recognition of monosyllabic languages
P. C. Ching, W. M. Lai, Y. T. Chan

Speaker-independent word recognition by less cost and stochastic dynamic time warping method
Hirobumi Nakanishi, Seiichi Nakagawa

An on-line spoken word recognition system using a microprocessor
A. M. Ansari, S. S. Agrawal, K. D. Pavate

Speech parametrization and recognition using block and recursive linear prediction with data compression
E. Lleida, Climent Nadeu, José B. Marino

Parallel partitioning techniques for the DTW algorithm in speech recognition
G. Stainhaouer, George Carayannis

Segmentation of acoustic events using time encoded speech (TES) descriptors
T. A. Moore, J. Holbeche, R. A. King

Recognition of isolated Arabic digits using hidden Markov models
O. S. Emam, M. A. Hashish

Product code vector quantisation and hidden Markov modelling in isolated word recognition
Borge Lindberg, Paul Dalsgaard

Demisyllable based Spanish number recognition experiments
José B. Marino, Climent Nadeu, E. Lleida

A proposal for a speaker independent isolated word (SIIW) recogniser of a limited vocabulary
M. H. Savoji

Acoustic discrimination among words based on distance measures
P. D'Orta

A new approach to acoustic-phonetic decoding by means of hidden-Markov-modelling of speech
B. Keck

Signal Processing

A comparison between vocal tract and auditory feature analysis in ASR systems
Gu Yong, John S. D. Mason

Time domain acoustic parameters for speech recognition
W. Millar

Investigation of the application of concurrency to a digital simulation of the human basilar membrane
K. Adamson, G. Donnan, N. D. Black

Parameter extraction using the winograd fourier transform
J. A. S. Angus, M. T. Whitaker

Real-time implementation of acoustic noise suppression
P. R. Holmes, T. J. Moulsley

A real-time auditory 'spectrograph' for speech research
Frank Gooding, Ian Shaw

Speech analysis and synthesis methods based on spectral envelopes and voiced/unvoiced functions
Xaviefr Rodet, P. Depalle, G. Poirot

Mathematical aspects of the classification of basic pitch patterns
Grazyna Surmanowicz-Demenko

The SPAR speech filing system
Mark A. Huckvale, D. M. Brookes, L. T. Dworkin, M. E. Johnson, D. J. B. Pearce, L. C. Whitaker

Speech fundamental period estimation by a novel parallel processing method
Ian S. Howard

Speaker normalisation for a vowel identifier based on robust formant extraction
D. H. Deterding

A multiple DSP system for speech processing applications
C. G. Rowden, C. F. Chan

Speech fundamental frequency estimation by multi-channel peak-picking
David M. Howard, Andrew Faulkner, Ian S. Howard

Comparison of two frequency domain pitch detectors based on phonetic performance evaluation
Helge B. D. Sorensen, Paul Dalsgaard

Larynx synchronous formant analysis
L. C. Whitaker, D. J. B. Pearce

Recognition of Chinese word tone from F0, with and without amplitude and speaker information
J. H. Leather

Formant estimation based on temporal synchronous analysis
X. D. Huang, Mervyn A. Jack, G. Duncan

Large Vocabulary Systems

Experimental evaluation of Italian language models for large-dictionary speech recognition
M. Codogno, L. Fissore, A. Martelli, G. Pirani, G. Volpi

The application of phoneme sequence constraints to word boundary identification in automatic, continuous speech recognition
Jonathan Harrington, Ian Johnson, Maggie Cooper

A word like phonetic sequence statistical source model for large lexicon automatic speech recognition systems
A. Falaschi

The use of rough spectral features for large vocabulary recognition
Gilles Adda, Maxine Eskénazi, P. E. Stem

Overview of coordinated research in speech communication in france
Jean-Paul Haton

Ocabulary isolated word recognition: a real-time implementation
C. Vicenzi, C. Favareto, D. Sciarra, A. Carossino, A. M. Colla, Carlo Scagliola, P. Pedrazzi

A 1000 word speech recognition system using a special purpose CMOS-processor
W. Drews, R. Laroia, J. Pandel, A. Stoelzle

Hamlet: a prototype of a voice activated typewriter
Joseph J. Mariani

A connected word recognition method utilizing DTW and a coarticulation model
Shuichi Itahashi, Yutaka Hisamatsu

Speech recognition based on a text-to-speech synthesis system
Mats Blomberg, Rolf Carlson, Kjell Elenius, Björn Granström, Sheri Hunnicutt

A new architecture of large vocabulary word recognition for Chinese character
Zhao Gaotian

Microprocessor implementation of a large vocabulary speech recognizer and phonetic typewriter for Finnish and Japanese
Teuvo Kohonen, Karl Torkkola, Makoto Shozakai, Jari Kangas, Olli Venta


High-speed control of a speech synthesiser by stenotype keyboard
John L. Arnott

The integration of speech technology with graphics as an aid for the disabled
L. O. Kingham, P. R. Harris, I. M. Tolmie

An intelligent text reader for the blind
R. R. Malyan, Y. Sunthankar, P. Barnwell

A study on the speech of down's syndrome subjects using the acoustic models
O. Abdel Alim, R. Ahmed

Synthesised speech from gestural input
C. G. Rowden

Using a speech synthesis system for casual conversation a serious application
Norman Aim, Alan F. Newell, John L. Arnott

Multi-talk, a new portable multi-lingual speech output communication aid
Karoly Galyas, Johan Liljencrants

Communication aids and voice synthesis
B. Brophy, John L. Arnott, Alan F. Newell

European voice mail services: towards a transnational service
Frank B. Brandon

A full-duplex 32 k/bits per second voice coder for use in the proposed second generation cordless telephone application
Raj Gunawardana, Peter Dent, Peter Roe

Real-time automatic audio information in airports
R. Fidel

Speaker recognition based on acoustic parameters of (hindi) vowel sounds
M. Ganesan, S. S. Agrawal, A. M. Ansari, K. D. Pavate

Distance between the pseudosections of the vocal tract as the criterion in the speaker recognition process
Janusz Zalewski

Zero-crossing analysis technique in speech and speaker recognition
Czeslaw Basztura

Socio-linguistic aspects of intonation practice in foreign language teaching
M. P. Dvorzhetskaya

Gauging consumer interest by 'vocal expressiveness': correlation of acoustical measures with judgments by self and others
James R. Solomon, Eric J. Soares

The conflict between speech and text in the automated office
M. F. Lacey

Voice recognition - where are the end-users?
J. M. Noyes, Clive R. Frankish

Rapid prototyping as a design tool for dialogues employing voice recognition
Stephen M. Furner

A knowledge-based approach to the design of a man-machine dialog system by voice
Noelle Carbonell, Jean-Paul Haton, Jean-Marie Pierrel

Data modelization within and requests from an acoustic phonetic data-base
Nadine Vigouroux

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