ISCA Archive DiaPro 1999
ISCA Archive DiaPro 1999

Prosody conveys information in severely impaired speech

Rupal Patel

Many individuals with severe speech impairments would benefit from a dedicated speech recognition system that is tuned to their speech production abilities. Current commercial systems, however, make strong assumptions about the user's speech patterns and are therefore ineffective for this population. These systems factor out prosodic features that may in fact be more consistent in this population than phonetic features alone. Our goal is to identify prosodic parameters that convey information about the speaker’s communicative intentions to their listeners. Results of pilot investigations suggest that pitch contour is effective for marking the difference between questions and statements in this population.

Cite as: Patel, R. (1999) Prosody conveys information in severely impaired speech. Proc. ETRW on Dialogue and Prosody, 129-134

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