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First CHiME Workshop on Machine Listening in Multisource Environments

Florence, Italy
1 September 2011

Poster Session

A two-channel acoustic front-end for robust automatic speech recognition in noisy and reverberant environments
Roland Maas, Andreas Schwarz, Yuanhang Zheng, Klaus Reindl, Stefan Meier, Armin Sehr, Walter Kellermann

CHiME data separation based on target signal cancellation and noise masking
Zbynĕk Koldovský, Jiří Málek, Jan Nouza, Miroslav Balík

Designing multimodal acoustic environment corpus to improve speech interaction in living room
Kenichi Shibata, Kengo Ikeya, Yuki Deguchi, Yoichi Takebayashi, Shigeyoshi Kitazawa, Shinya Kiriyama

Exemplar-based speech enhancement and its application to noise-robust automatic speech recognition
Jort F. Gemmeke, Tuomas Virtanen, Antti Hurmalainen

Mask estimation and sparse imputation for missing data speech recognition in multisource reverberant environments
Heikki Kallasjoki, Sami Keronen, Guy J. Brown, Jort F. Gemmeke, Ulpu Remes, Kalle J. Palomäki

Multi-stage collaborative microphone array beamforming in presence of nonstationary interfering signals
Danilo Comminiello, Michele Scarpiniti, Raffaele Parisi, Albenzio Cirillo, Mauro Falcone, Aurelio Uncini

Recent advances in fragment-based speech recognition in reverberant multisource environments
Ning Ma, Jon Barker, Heidi Christensen, Phil Green

Robust speech recognition in multi-source noise environments using convolutive non-negative matrix factorization
Ravichander Vipperla, Simon Bozonnet, Dong Wang, Nicholas Evans

Source separation using the spectral flatness measure
Rolf Bardeli

Using the FASST source separation toolbox for noise robust speech recognition
Alexey Ozerov, Emmanuel Vincent

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