ISCA Archive Blizzard 2021
ISCA Archive Blizzard 2021

The IMS Toucan system for the Blizzard Challenge 2021

Florian Lux, Julia Koch, Antje Schweitzer, Ngoc Thang Vu

For our contribution to the Blizzard Challenge 2021, we built a non-autoregressive speech synthesis system that transforms phoneme inputs from a phonemiser into spectrogram frames. A GAN based vocoder then transforms the spectrogram into a waveform. We handle code-switching by altering the phonemiser based on the output of a language identification system. Non-native phonemes are manually mapped to their closest native representation. An interactive demo is available.

doi: 10.21437/Blizzard.2021-2

Cite as: Lux, F., Koch, J., Schweitzer, A., Thang Vu, N. (2021) The IMS Toucan system for the Blizzard Challenge 2021. Proc. The Blizzard Challenge 2021, 14-19, doi: 10.21437/Blizzard.2021-2

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