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The Blizzard Challenge 2017

Stockholm, Sweden
25 August 2017
doi: 10.21437/Blizzard.2017

System Presentations 1

The Alibaba-iDST Entry to Blizzard Challenge 2017
Heng Lu, Ming Lei, Zeyu Meng, Yuping Wang, Miaomiao Wang

The CMU System for Blizzard Challenge 2017
SaiKrishna Rallabandi, Pallavi Baljekar, Alan W Black

The CSTR entry to the Blizzard Challenge 2017
Srikanth Ronanki, Manuel Sam Ribeiro, Felipe Espic, Oliver Watts

Light Supervised Data Selection, Voice Quality Normalized Training and Log Domain Pulse Synthesis
Gilles Degottex, Pierre Lanchantin, Mark Gales

The I2R-NWPU Text-to-Speech System for Blizzard Challenge 2017
Yanfeng Lu, Zhengchen Zhang, Chenyu Yang, Huaiping Ming, Xiaolian Zhu, Yuchao Zhang, Shan Yang, Dongyan Huang, Lei Xie, Minghui Dong

The IFLYTEK System for Blizzard Challenge 2017
Li-Juan Liu, Chuang Ding, Yuan Jiang, Ming Zhou, Si Wei

IIITH Submission for Blizzard Challenge 2017: A BLSTM based SPSS System using MatNN
Sivanand Achanta, Anandaswarup Vadapalli, Suryakanth V Gangashetty

The IRISA Text-To-Speech System for the Blizzard Challenge 2017
Pierre Alain, Nelly Barbot, Jonathan Chevelu, Gwénolé Lecorvé, Damien Lolive, Claude Simon, Marie Tahon

The 'Uprooted' MaryTTS Entry for the Blizzard Challenge 2017
Sébastien Le Maguer, Ingmar Steiner

The NITech text-to-speech system for the Blizzard Challenge 2017
Kei Sawada, Kei Hashimoto, Keiichiro Oura, Keiichi Tokuda

The NLPR Speech Synthesis entry for Blizzard Challenge 2017
Jianhua Tao, Ruibo Fu, Yibin Zheng, Zhengqi Wen, Ya Li, Biu Liu

The USTC System for Blizzard Challenge 2017
Ya-Jun Hu, Chuang Ding, Li-Juan Liu, Zhen-Hua Ling, Li-Rong Dai

The UTokyo speech synthesis system for Blizzard Challenge 2017
Shinnosuke Takamichi, Daisuke Saito, Hiroshi Saruwatari, Nobuaki Minematsu

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System Presentations 1