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The Blizzard Challenge 2009

Edinburgh, Scotland
4 September 2009
doi: 10.21437/Blizzard.2009

System Presentations

The AHOLAB Blizzard Challenge 2009 Entry
Iñaki Sainz, Daniel Erro, Eva Navas, Inma Hernáez, Ibon Saratxaga, Iker Luengo, Igor Odriozola

The WISTON Text-to-Speech System for Blizzard Challenge 2009
Jianhua Tao, Ya Li, Shifeng Pan, Meng Zhang, Hongjun Sun, Zhengqi Wen

The CereProc Blizzard Entry 2009: Some dumb algorithms that don't work
Matthew P. Aylett, Christoper J. Pidcock

Glottal Source and Prosodic Prominence Modelling in HMM-based Speech Synthesis for the Blizzard Challenge 2009
J. Sebastian Andersson, Joao P. Cabral, Leonardo Badino, Junichi Yamagishi, Robert A.J. Clark

Multilingual MARY TTS participation in the Blizzard Challenge 2009
Marc Schröder, Sathish Pammi, Oytun Türk

Analysis of Unsupervised and Noise-Robust Speaker-Adaptive HMM-Based Speech Synthesis Systems toward a Unified ASR and TTS Framework
Junichi Yamagishi, Mike Lincoln, Simon King, John Dines, Matthew Gibson, Jilei Tian, Yong Guan

I2R Text-to-Speech System for Blizzard Challenge 2009
Minghui Dong, Ling Cen, Paul Chan, Dongyan Huang, Donglai Zhu, Bin Ma, Haizhou Li

The IVO Software Blizzard Challenge 2009 Entry: Improving IVONA Text-To-Speech
Michal Kaszczuk, Lukasz Osowski

CircumReality text-to-speech, a talking speech recognizer
Mike Rozak

The NICT Entry for the Blizzard Challenge 2009: an Enhanced HMM-based Speech Synthesis System with Trajectory Training considering Global Variance and State-Dependent Mixed Excitation
Ranniery Maia, Tomoki Toda, Shinsuke Sakai, Yoshinori Shiga, Jinfu Ni, Hisashi Kawai, Keiichi Tokuda, Minoru Tsuzaki, Satoshi Nakamura

Overview of NIT HMM-based speech synthesis system for Blizzard Challenge 2009
Keiichiro Oura, Yi-Jian Wu, Keiichi Tokuda

The NTUT Blizzard Challenge 2009 Entry
Yuan-Fu Liao, Ming-Long Wu

PKU Mandarin Speech Synthesis System for Blizzard 2009
Zhiping Zhang, Xingchi Xian, Lidong Luo, Xihong Wu

The Toshiba Mandarin TTS System for the Blizzard Challenge 2009
Jian Li, Jian Luan, Lifu Yi, Xiaoyan Lou, Xi Wang, Liqiang He, Jie Hao

The USTC System for Blizzard Challenge 2009
Heng Lu, Zhen-Hua Ling, Ming Lei, Cheng-Cheng Wang, Huan-Huan Zhao, Ling-Hui Chen, Yu Hu, Li-Rong Dai, Ren-Hua Wang

The VUB Blizzard Challenge 2009 Entry
Lukas Latacz, Wesley Mattheyses, Werner Verhelst

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