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Evaluation of text-to-speech systems

Bonn, Germany
25 August 2007


The Blizzard Challenge 2007
Mark Fraser, Simon King

ATRECSS -- ATR English speech corpus for speech synthesis
Jinfu Ni, Toshio Hirai, Hisashi Kawai, Tomoki Toda, Keiichi Tokuda, Minoru Tsuzaki, Shinsuke Sakai, Ranniery Maia, Satoshi Nakamura

Statistical analysis of the Blizzard Challenge 2007 listening test results
Robert A. J. Clark, Monika Podsiadlo, Mark Fraser, Catherine Mayo, Simon King

The Cerevoice Blizzard entry 2007: are small database errors worse than compression artifacts?
Matthew P. Aylett, J. Sebastian Andersson, Leonardo Badino, Christopher J. Pidcock

CMU Blizzard 2007: a hybrid acoustic unit selection system from statistically predicted parameters
Alan W. Black, Christina L. Bennett, Benjamin C. Blanchard, John Kominek, Brian Langner, Kishore Prahallad, Arthur Toth

Festival multisyn voices for the 2007 Blizzard Challenge
Korin Richmond, Volker Strom, Robert A. Clark, Junichi Yamagishi, Sue Fitt

MARY TTS participation in the Blizzard Challenge 2007
Marc Schroeder, Anna Hunecke

Speaker-independent HMM-based speech synthesis system - HTS-2007 system for the Blizzard Challenge 2007
Junichi Yamagishi, Heiga Zen, Tomoki Toda, Keiichi Tokuda

Blizzard Entry: integrated voice building and synthesis for unit-selection TTS
Christian Weiss, Sergio Paulo, Luis Figueira, Luis C. Oliveira

The IVO software Blizzard 2007 entry: improving Ivona speech synthesis system
Michal Kaszczuk, Lukasz Osowski

Text-to-speech designed for a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)
Mike Rozak

Non-uniform unit selection through search strategy for Blizzard Challenge 2007
Feng Ding, Jari Alhonen

SVOX participation in Blizzard 2007
Johan Wouters

The Toshiba entry for the 2007 Blizzard Challenge
Sabine Buchholz, Norbert Braunschweiler, Masahiro Morita, Gabe Webster

The Jess Blizzard Challenge 2007 entry
Peter Cahill, Julie Carson-Berndsen

The UPC TTS system description for the 2007 Blizzard Challenge
Antonio Bonafonte, Jordi Adell, Pablo D. Aguero, Daniel Erro, Ignasi Esquerra, Asunción Moreno, Javier Perez, Tatyana Polyakova

The USTC and iflytek speech synthesis systems for Blizzard Challenge 2007
Zhen-Hua Ling, Long Qin, Heng Lu, Yu Gao, Li-Rong Dai, Ren-Hua Wang, Yuan Jiang, Zhi-Wei Zhao, Jin-Hui Yang, Jie Chen, Guo-Ping Hu

The Voicetext text-to-speech system for the Blizzard Challenge 2007
Won-Suk Jun, Deok-Su Na, Seong-Won Kim, Myung Kim, Joon-Woo Lee, Jong-Seok Lee

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