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Auditory-Visual Speech Processing

St. Jorioz, France
4-7 September 2003

Psycho - Neurophysiology

Evolution of language from action understanding
Leonardo Fogassi

Early processing of visual speech information modulates the subsequent processing of auditory speech input at a pre-attentive level: Evidence from event-related brain potential data
Riadh Lebib, David Papo, Abdel Douiri, Stella de Bode, Pierre-Marie Baudonniere

Testing the cuing hypothesis for the AV speech detection advantage
Jeesun Kim, Chris Davis

Enhanced auditory detection with av speech: perceptual evidence for speech and non-speech mechanisms
Lynne E. Bernstein, Sumiko Takayanagi, Edward T. jr. Auer

Auditory syllabic identification enhanced by non-informative visible speech
Jean-Luc Schwartz, Frédéric Berthommier, Christophe Savariaux

Audiovisual asynchrony detection for speech and nonspeech signals
Brianna L. Conrey, David B. Pisoni

Discrimination of auditory-visual synchrony
Ken W. Grant, Virginie van Wassenhove, David Poeppel

Electrophysiology of auditory-visual speech integration
Virginie van Wassenhove, Ken W. Grant, David Poeppel

Auditory-visual speech perception development in Japanese and English speakers
Kaoru Sekiyama, Denis Burnham, Helen Tam, Dogu Erdener

Developing the TAS: Individual differences in silent speechreading, reading and phonological awareness in deaf and hearing speechreaders
Tara Ellis Mohammed, Mairéad MacSweeney, Ruth Campbell

Perception of point light displays of speech by normal-hearing adults and deaf adults with cochlear implants
Tonya R. Bergeson, David B. Pisoni, Jeffrey T. Reynolds

Visual and auditory perception of epenthetic glides
Marie-Agnès Cathiard, Christian Abry, Séverine Gedzelman, Hélène Loevenbruck

Selective adaptation and recalibration of auditory speech by lipread information: Dissipation
Jean Vroomen, Mirjam Keetels, Sabine van Linden, Béatrice de Gelder, Paul Bertelson

Effect of audiovisual primes on identification of auditory target syllables
Ville Ojanen, Jyrki Tuomainen, Mikko Sams

Why the FLMP should not be applied to McGurk data ...or how to better compare models in the Bayesian framework
Jean-Luc Schwartz

Model Selection in AVSP: Some old and not so old news
Dominic W. Massaro

A phonetically neutral model of the low-level audiovisual interaction
Frédéric Berthommier

Analysis and Recognition

Joint audio-visual speech processing for recognition and enhancement
Gerasimos Potamianos, Chalapathy Neti, Sabine Deligne

Shape and appearance models of talking faces for model-based tracking
Matthias Odisio, Gérard Bailly

Low resource lip finding and tracking algorithm for embedded devices
Jesús F. Guitarte Pérez, Klaus Lukas, Alejandro F. Frangi

Audio-visual speech recognition using lip movement extracted from side-face images
Tomoaki Yoshinaga, Satoshi Tamura, Koji Iwano, Sadaoki Furui

A System for Automatic Lip Reading
I. Shdaifat, R. Grigat, Detlev Langmann

Visual feature analysis for automatic speechreading
Patricia Scanlon, Richard Reilly, Philip de Chazal

Statistical analysis of the relationship between audio and video speech parameters for Australian English
Roland Goecke, Bruce Millar

Pure audio McGurk effect
Laurent Girin

Further experiments on audio-visual speech source separation
David Sodoyer, Laurent Girin, Christian Jutten, Jean-Luc Schwartz

Using speech and gesture to explore user states in multimodal dialogue systems
Rui P. Shi, Johann Adelhardt, Viktor Zeißler, Anton Batliner, Carmen Frank, Elmar Nöth, Heinrich Niemann

Improvement of three simultaneous speech recognition by using AV integration and scattering theory for humanoid
Kazuhiro Nakadai, Daisuke Matsuura, Hiroshi G. Okuno, Hiroshi Tsujino

Effects of image distortions on audio-visual speech recognition
Martin Heckmann, Frédéric Berthommier, Christophe Savariaux, Kristian Kroschel

Czech audio-visual speech corpus of a car driver for in-vehicle audio-visual speech recognition
Milos Zelezný, Petr Císar

Improving audio-visual speech recognition with an infrared headset
Jing Huang, Gerasimos Potamianos, Chalapathy Neti

Talking Faces, Gestures, and Expressions

The role of Cued Speech in language processing by deaf children : An overview
Jacqueline Leybaert

Evaluation of a talking head based on appearance models
Barry-John Theobald, J. Andrew Bangham, Iain Matthews, Gavin Cawley

Linking the structure and perception of 3D faces: Gender, ethnicity, and expressive posture
Guillaume Vignali, Harold Hill, Eric Vatikiotis-Bateson

Toolkit for animation of Finnish talking head
Michael Frydrych, Jari Kätsyri, Martin Dobsík, Mikko Sams

Lipreadability of a synthetic talking face in normal hearing and hearing-impaired listeners
Catherine Siciliano, Andrew Faulkner, Geoff Williams

Coproduction of speech and emotions: visual and acoustic modifications of some phonetic labial targets#
Emanuela Magno-Caldognetto, Piero Cosi, Carlo Drioli, Graziano Tisato, Federica Cavicchio

Two articulation models for audiovisual speech synthesis - description and determination
Sascha Fagel, Caroline Clemens

Triphone-based coarticulation model
Elisabetta Bevacqua, Cathérine Palachaud

Toward an audiovisual synthesizer for Cued Speech: Rules for CV French syllables
V. Attina, D. Beautemps, Marie-Agnès Cathiard, Matthias Odisio

Measurements of articulatory variation and communicative signals in expressive speech
Magnus Nordstrand, Gunilla Svanfeldt, Björn Granström, David House

Identification of synthetic and natural emotional facial expressions
Jari Kätsyri, Vasily Klucharev, Michael Frydrych, Mikko Sams

Audiovisual perception of contrastive focus in French
Marion Dohen, Hélène Loevenbruck, Marie-Agnès Cathiard, Jean-Luc Schwartz

A method for the analysis and measurement of communicative head movements in human dialogues
Loredana Cerrato, Mustapha Skhiri

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