ISCA Archive AVSP 1998
ISCA Archive AVSP 1998

Illusions and Issues In Bimodal Speech Perception

Dominic W. Massaro

As witnessed by this conference and many other sources of evidence, the study of bimodal speech perception has attained the status of a cottage industry. The addition of just one more modality has made transparent several new phenomena, new theoretical endeavors, and a closer link between research and application. The goal of this paper is to review a series of relevant issues in our search for an understanding of speech perception by ear and eye. The issues include a discussion of viable explanations of the McGurk effect, the time course of auditory/visual processing, neural processing, the role of dynamic information, the information in visual speech, the fusion of written language and auditory speech, and the issue of generalizing from studies of syllables to words and larger segments.

Cite as: Massaro, D.W. (1998) Illusions and Issues In Bimodal Speech Perception. Proc. Auditory-Visual Speech Processing, 21-26

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