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ESCA Workshop on Automatic Speaker Recognition, Identification and Verification

Martigny, Switzerland
5-7 April 1994

Poster Session

Speaker recognition with the auditory image model and self-organizing feature maps: a comparison with traditional techniques
Timothy R. Anderson, Roy D. Patterson

Inter- and intra-speaker variability of French phonemes - advantages of an explicit knowledge based approach
Jean-François Bonastre, Henri Méloni

The effect of cigarette smoking on vocal parameters
Angelika Braun

Voice conversion by whole-spectrum scaling
P. A. Chan, Robert I. Damper

A PC speaker identification system for forensic use: IDEM
Mauro Falcone, Nicolò De Sario

Text-independent speaker verification based on multiple reconstruction of selected speech zones
Mauro Falcone, Andrea Paoloni

A comparison of the speaker identification power of continuant sounds
Reinhold Greisbach, Otto Esser, Constanze Weinstock, Theo Klinker

The rle of the reference template in speaker verification
M. I. Hannah, A. T. Sapeluk, Robert I. Damper

A comparison of some relevant parametric representations for speaker verification
M. Mehdi Homayounpour, Gérard Chollet

Neural autoassociators for phoneme-based speaker verification
L. Lastrucci, M. Gori, G. Soda

Extraction of formants of oral vowels and critical analysis for speaker characterization
Odile Mella

Voice conversion using artificial neural networks
M. Narendranath, Hema A. Murthy, S. Rajendran, B. Yegnanarayana

Phonatory signature of the deaf child
Emmanuel Perrin, Jocelyne Borel, Christian Berger-Vachon, Isabelle Kauffmann

Variabilty as a means of geographic origin discrimination of Arabic speakers - global and segmented approach for geographic origin identification of Arabic speakers
Najet Rjaibi-Sabhi, Elisabeth Lhote

Closed-phase glottal inverse filtering by means of a compound auto-regressive model
Jean Schoentgen, Zoubir Azami

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