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Applied Spoken Language Interaction in Distributed Environments

Aalborg, Denmark
10-11 November 2005

Selected Research Challenges of Interactive Systems

Research challenges in the automation of spoken language interaction
Roger K. Moore

Crosslingual adaptation of semi-continuous HMMS using acoustic regression classes and sub-simplex projection
Frank Diehl, Asunción Moreno, Enric Monte

A comparison of efficient interleaver designs for real time distributed speech recognition
Alastair James, Ben Milner

Combined spectral subtraction and cepstral normalisation for robust speech recognition
Haitian Xu, Zheng-Hua Tan, Paul Dalsgaard, Børge Lindberg

Adaptive enhancement of speech signals for robust ASR
Vivek Tyagi, Christian Wellekens

A comparative study of model compensation methods for robust speech recognition in noisy conditions
Svein G. Pettersen, Magne H. Johnsen, Tor A. Myrvoll

Implementing modular dialogue systems: a case of study
Zoraida Callejas, Ramón López-Cózar

Effect of poor spontaneous speech modeling on broadcast news transcription performance
Laura Docio-Fernandez, Carmen Garcia-Mateo

Graphemes as basic units for crosslingualspeech recognition
Andrej Zgank, Zdravko Kacic, Frank Diehl, Jozef Juhar, Slavomir Lihan, Klara Vicsi, Gyorgy Szaszak

Distributed recognition used as platform for public testing of speech technology applications
Miroslav Holada, Jan Nouza, Petr Cerva, Tomás Nouza, Martin Pelc

Finite-state transducer toolkit for faster ASR
Pavel Stemberk, Václav Hanzl

Comparison of three Czech speech databases from the standpoint of Lombard effect appearance
Hynek Boril, Petr Pollák

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