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First ISCA Workshop on Auditory Quality of Systems

Akademie Mont-Cenis, Germany
23-25 April 2003


Auditory quality of systems: Towards a unified approach
Jens Blauert

Objective scaling of sound quality for normal-hearing and hearing-impaired listeners
Lars Bramsløw

The effect of attenuation rate and peak bandwidth of tonal components on perceived tonalness
Aaron Hastings, Patricia Davies

Tapping into the personal experience of quality: Expectation-based sound quality evaluation
Daniel Västfjäll

Parameter-based speech quality measures for GSM
Marc Werner, Karsten Kamps, Ulrich Tuisel, John G. Beerends, Peter Vary

Wavelet transform in voice transmission quality measurement
Tomás Dresler, Jan Holub, Radislav Smid

Application of objective speech quality metrics
Scott K. Isabelle, Sandra J Guzman, Rindala Saliba, Robert Novorita

The impact of real environments on transmitted speech quality judgments
Laetitia Gros, Noël Chateau, Sylvain Busson

Corrupted speech data considered useful
Florian Hammer, Peter Reichl, Tomas Nordström, Gernot Kubin

On the importance of a VoIP packet
Christian Hoene, Berthold Rathke, Adam Wolisz

Speech quality of heterogeneous networks involving VoIP: Are time varying impairments additive to classical stationary ones?
Alexander Raake

Using psychological choice models to investigate overall sound quality
Wolfgang Ellermeier, Karin Zimmer

Paired-comparison rating of sound quality using map parameter estimation for data analysis
Martin Dahlquist, Arne Leijon

Direct scaling of sensations: Are Subjects able to produce consistent, and meaningful, numerical ratios?
Karin Zimmer, Oliver Baumann

Spatial distribution of reflections affects auditory quality and character of speech sounds located in a virtual acoustic environment
William L. Martens, Nick Zacharov

On the quality of experience: A multi-modal approach to perceptual ego-motion and sensed presence in virtual environments
Pontus Larsson, Daniel Västfjäll, Mendel Kleiner

Quality of head-related transfer functions - Some practical remarks
Andreas Silzle

On the acoustical quality of free-reed organ pipes
Jonas Braasch

From audio-only to audio and video Text-to-Speech
Juergen Schroeter, Eric Cosatto, Hans Peter Graf, Joern Ostermann

The influence of the TTS system configuration on the perceived quality of synthesized speech
O. Jokisch, Rüdiger Hoffmann, M. Eichner, S. Werner, H. Kruschke, Ulrich Kordon

Assessing the usability of a dialogue management system designed in the framework of a rapid dialogue prototyping methodology
Martin Rajman, Andréa Rajman, Florian Seydoux, Alex Trutnev

Quality evaluation of bochum restaurant information system: A spoken dialogue system
Christine S. Pellegrini

Results and observations from the evaluation of a telephony-based conversational information retrieval system
Elviira Hartikainen, Péter Boda

Parallels in the concepts of sound design and usability engineering
Thomas Hempel

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