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Workshop on Accessing Information in Spoken Audio

Cambridge, UK
19-20 April 1999


Spoken Document Retrieval:1998 evaluation and investigation of new metrics
John S. Garofolo, Ellen M. Voorhees, Cedric G. P. Auzanne, Vincent M. Stanford

General query expansion techniques for spoken document retrieval
Pierre Jourlin, Sue E. Johnson, Karen Sparck Jones, Philip C. Woodland

The THISL broadcast news retrieval system
Dave Abberley, David Kirby, Steve Renals, Tony Robinson

HALPIN: A multimodal and conversational system for information seeking on the World WideWeb
José Rouillard, Jean Caelen

Latent semantic indexing by self-organizing map
Mikko Kurimo, Chafic Mokbel

A hybrid approach to spoken query processing in document retrieval system
Nathalie Colineau, Ariane Halber

Language processing for spoken dialogue systems: Is shallow parsing enough?
Ian Lewin, Ralph Becket, Johan Boye, David Carter, Manny Rayner, Mats Wiren

Statistical annotation of named entities in spoken audio
Yoshihiko Gotoh, Steve Renals

Task dependent loss functions in speech recognition:Application to named entity extraction
Vaibhava Goel, William Byrne

Evaluating content extraction from audio source
Lynette Hirschman, John Burger, David Palmer, Patricia Robinson

Phoneme-level indexing for fast and vocabulary-independent voice/voice retrieval
Alexandre Ferrieux, Stephane Peillon

Phonetic Transcriptions on Phrase-Level
Roeland J. F. Ordelman, Arjan J. van Hessen, David A. van Leeuwen

Recognition-compatible speech compression for stored speech
Roger Tucker, Tony Robinson, James Christie, Carl Seymour

Prediction of keyword spotting performance based on phonemic contents
David A. van Leeuwen, Wessel Kraaij, Rudie Ekkelenkamp

Speaker-based segmentation for audio data indexing
Perrine Delacourt, David Kryze, Christian J. Wellekens

Speaker tracking in broadcast audio material in the framework of the THISL project
Laurent Couvreur, Jean-Marc Boite

Text segmentation and event tracking on broadcast news via a Hidden Markov Modelapproach
P. van Mulbregt, I. Carp, L. Gillick, S. Lowe, J. Yamron

Optimal Parameters for Segmenting a Stream of Audio into Speech Documents
Gerard Quinn, Alan Smeaton

Using location information from speech recognition of television news broadcasts
Alexander G. Hauptmann, Andreas M. Olligschlaeger

Audio Meeting History Tool: Interactive graphical user-support forvirtual audio meetings
David M. Roy, Saturnino Luz

Summarisation of spoken audio through information extraction
Robin Valenza, Tony Robinson, Marianne Hickey, Roger Tucker

Finding Information in Audio: A New Paradigm for Audio Browsing/Retrival
Julia Hirschberg, Steve Whittaker, Don Hindle, Fernando Pereira, Amit Singhal

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