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Workshop on the Auditory Basis of Speech Perception

Keele University, UK
15-19 July 1996

Auditory Models and Representations of Speech

The auditory basis of the perception of voicing
Robert I. Damper, S. Harnad, M. O. Gore

Temporal and rate aspects of speech encoding in the auditory system: simulation results on TIMIT data using a layered neural network interfaced with a cochlear model
Li Deng, H. Sheikhzadeh

Implementation of a psychoacoustical preprocessing model for sound quality measurement
Martin Hansen, Birger Kollmeier

Representation of low-frequency vowel formants in the auditory nerve
Tatsuya Hirahara, Peter Cariani, Bertrand Delgutte

Auditory signal processing using the wavelet packet transform
E. Jones, E. Ambikairajah

The topographic representation of periodicity pitch in the auditory cortex
Gerhard Langner, H. Schulze, M. Sams, P. Heil

The auditory system as repertory company: a new approach to the neurobiology of speech perception
Judith L. Lauter

The "center of gravity" effect in dynamics
Valentina V. Lublinskaja

Psychophysical evidence for a sampling process, related to properties of onset cells, in stop consonant perception
Eduardo Sá Marta, Fernando Perdigao, Luis Vieira de Sá

The role of the auditory nerve in the perception of voicing: a computational modelling study
Seyed J. Mashari, Michael J. Pont

A computational model of non-linear auditory frequency selectivity
L. P. O'Mard, R. Meddis

Adequacy of auditory-nerve rate representations of vowels: comparison with behavioral measures in cat
M. B. Sachs, B. J. May, G. S. Le Prell, R. D. Hienz

Spatial-temporal representation of syllables in cat primary auditory cortex
Christoph E. Schreiner, S. W. Wong

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Overview of the Workshop's Key Themes

Anatomy and Physiology of the Auditory System as it Pertains to Speech

Auditory Models and Representations of Speech

Perceptual Cues and Features

Auditory Scene Analysis and Perceptual Organisation

Speech Processing under Adverse Conditions

Speech Perception by the Hearing Impaired

Auditory Processing for Speech Recognition